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It's all about me!

I'm updating my journal instead of doing dishes. Bad me.


I found out from the claims-filing insurance person what all the little numbers in the police report mean, and looked more closely at what the officer wrote.

Fume, sulk, rage. The report is inaccurate AND it blaims me for an accident that wasn't my fault, so I'm going to have to find out the proper way to fight it. Argh. I hate this. Not going into details - they just make me madder.

And, I'm supposedly waiting to be contacted by a claims-adjuster insurance person, but they never called on Friday, so I'll have to call them later today.

Went to work. That so settles me out. Nice no-thinking night. I've figured out that when I'm typing numbers, I think. 'Bout lots and lots, sometimes cool stuff, sometimes stew stuff. But when I'm typing names, I'm apparently occupying my brain with trying to pronounce them, and that takes away the thinking. I've some friends who understand and can relate to the goodness of the not-thinking, and it bewilders others of my friends.

I drained the jacuzzi before I went to work on Friday, so when I got home from work, I stayed up late to fill it. It would have been so much better if I'd remembered to drain it Thursday, and filled it Friday during the day, 'cause staying up late was bad. I got all lonely and weepy and wanting and needing. I wrote about it (elsewhere) and then wrote something I've been meaning to write for a while that really calmed me down. Sleep didn't come as easily as I'd have liked, but it did.


I didn't get out of the house quite as quickly as I'd have liked. I picked up ladonna_rena, who accompanied me on all my pre-party errands. The full list was:
  • Spa Gallery
  • Sam's
  • Liquor Barn
  • Incredipet
  • Wal-mart
  • Kroger

I decided that my Wal-mart list wasn't party necessities, so struck that from the list. Then I decided to risk waiting for new dog food until Monday. Turns out that demariana never had to open the fresh bag I left while I was in Louisville, so that would have been an unnecessary stop anyway.

We got tons of yummy food at Sam's and Kroger, and found the wines and liqueurs that i was looking for at Liquor Barn. I refreshed the chemical stock for the jacuzzi, but then we ended up totally ignoring it, during the sheepover. Go figure.

The Sheepover:

At home, LaDonna_Rena helped me schlep everything into the house, and then helped me put everything away, and clear off the kitchen table and clean it. Then she encouraged me about being able to clean up the messiest bits of the family room, and then we watched Big Trouble. Which we restarted when dubheach arrived. It was over by the time sydb42 showed up, and we were in the full swing of making fondue. Dubheach did a most excellent job of feeding cheese to the bubbling sauterne, and we got a lovely texture for the fondue. roina_arwen showed up just after we "poisoned" the cheese by adding kirsh (she doesn't like cherry flavor), and then after we'd all been noshing for quite some time, spydielives came, bearing Mocha Mudslides and chips.

We watched Sweet Home, Alabama. We played Apples to Apples. We took a silly quiz out of Cosmo -- these things just aren't right for a bunch of oversexed, bisexual (and straight) poly women! We did our nails. We totally forgot about braiding Spydie's hair until it was too late at night. holmes365 joined us for part of the evening. We all went to bed sometime after 1am.


Damn it was hard to wake up early with Sydb. I'm getting too old for no-sleep nights. :) It was nice sleeping together, even if we were both too tired for anything more than cuddling. Too tired, and too aware of how quickly the morning would be upon us. Got up, fixed breakfast for Sydb, and helped her carry stuff to the car. Saying goodbye is easier when I know it'll only be two days before I see her again.

I fully intended to stay awake and write for LJ. I crashed on the couch, lulled to sleep by LaDonna_Rena's soft voice.

I woke up when Dubheach was leaving. We were down to just me, Ro, Spydie and LaDonna. I fixed some eggs for Spydie, and then a messy double-fried egg sandwich (on French bread) for me, and we went in the dining room to play Fluxx with Spydie's new deck.

Update: I forgot to mention that we *started* by playing Chez Geek Block Party. Spydie, reigning champion, pulled the Corporate Drone for a career, and LaDonna_Rena pulled a win out of a close-fought race.

My fave rule is the +1 rule. We played lots and lots of rounds, continuing after LaDonna had to leave. Eventually, I pulled out my deck of The Works, a Girl Genius game. It was new to the three of us, and I think we all enjoyed it. There was a sense that Spydie was ahead for most of the game, and at one point we took a nosh break, for Ro to fix some of her HMR food (she was amazingly good about staying on her diet this weekend, Go Ro!) and for Spydie and I to mix up sour cream dip to go with the chips she'd brought. By the end of the game, any of the three of us could have one in the final round. I set up a card that would win for Spydie (if she were lucky) or me, with Ro only 6 points (4?) away from winning herself. I honestly didn't expect to be able to play the card myself, but I did get to, and won. Cool!

After that, it was late enough that it made sense for the party to be over. Sydie and I plan to try to get together sometime next week, and she borrowed my copy of Big Trouble. I drove Ro home, and picked up the tix for Weird Al/King's Island.

When I got home, instead of tackling the cleaning head on, I dived into my laptop. Wrote in my slave journal, read email, wrote email, read LJ, and then got onto AIM. I talked to Wolf on the phone, and IMed with belmikey, canuckgirl, hippychicx, ladonne and roina_arwen. While chatting, I did manage some of the kitchen cleaning, and tackled a bunch more before going to bed.

Had a really great phone call with Wolf before bed, and another this morning.

And now, it's almost time to go pick up Flar from the airport.

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