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Been busy. Will do better at keeping this journal abreast of events.

Heh, heh, she used the syllable: "breast"

I think I already mentioned in this journal, that I got to have sex with my wife? More than once, and oh my, but can my husband pick the women....

So. I went away for awhile. I went to Louisville to be at home with my second husband and my wife. My one week of the year that I get to live with them. Flar was in Brazil. The boys were in Texas. Demariana spoiled my dogs rotten. (I think she's done Grace out of a job, at least as far as my dogs are concerned.)

Plans for the week changed kind of drastically on the first Sunday I was there. Sydb's mother had a heart attack. I was glad to be able to be with her, but I felt rather helpless to really do anything. So I reverted to housewife mode, making sure everyone ate, that the dishes were done, that sort of thing. We spent a lot of time at the hospital, where I mostly sat in the waiting room with all the stuff. J got out of the hospital in time for the birthday party, and she seems to be on track for recovery with no complications. They did a heart cath that showed no blockages, she's off work for six weeks, but worse - not driving for two.

I finally got my bills done the Monday I was there, and now I've a new stack of them to post. And a statement to balance. Etc. etc.

We managed to get the house sparkly clean for the birthday party.

Sydb did an amazing job of turning a Disney Pooh pan into a Classic Pooh cake. I baked the cake - funfetti - and mixed up the icing. I loaded pastry tubes and demonstrated one piped line and three stars on a piece of foil. So Sydb's been telling everyone I showed her how to make the cake. hrm. She did it her own self, so there. I did help with the individual Roo cakes, piping a copy of Ro's version of Roo from the mural. Sydb did the stars on those. We made two, because there was still uncertainty about whether J would be out of the hospital for the party. And momentarily worried Wolf, by asking him to choose which one to use for the party. At the look in his eye, I realized he needed reassurance that Sydb had actually filled in both cakes -- that it wasn't some sort of test. ;)

I totally lost it at the birthday party. I like to think, in a way that didn't spill all over everyone else.

I was stunned at how hard it was, to be in the house with them, but not to know my place, or be able to claim any kind of place, because. There was family there. I am just that friend that seems to be around all the time. When family is there, I am not wife. So take one glob of emotional discovery, and then add in the other glob, the bigger glob.

I am Roo's Deb. I'm not one of her parents, but I'm not just some friend. I'm her Deb.

We have no idea what that really means.

I reverted to housewife mode for as much as I possibly could at the party. I served drinks, I served up the ice cream (as I wasn't brave enough to ask to cut the cake), I stayed in the background and I cried - mostly inside. I asked Holmes to stay until family was gone, so I could get a picture with Roo and Wolf and Sydb -- it's not like any non-family was getting those kinds of pictures, you see. I cleaned. I picked up all the plates, the cans, the cups. I cleaned the floor, where so much of Roo's had ended up. And I stayed out of the way.

What I couldn't do, was simply enjoy the party. Watch the guest of honor have her day. Just be pleased watching her play with gifts, all that kind of thing. Flar would tell me I behaved horribly. Wolf and Sydb didn't. I'm hoping because they weren't impacted, which is what I was trying for.

Oddly enough, two days later, we were at Syd's parents house, and I was totally okay with being around family. With offering to help, to helping, to doing. Without feeling self-conscious about maybe it's something I shouldn't offer, etc. I was feeling very selfish on Friday night, and really wanting a special place somehow, and had no way of asking for it or even suggesting what it could be.

Lessee, what else about vacation? Sydb and Wolf got a backyard pool for Roo, and I got to sit in it with Wolf and Roo one of the days I was there. That was fun. We didn't end up having time to repeat that, but Sydb got pictures, and eventually I'll get copies.

We watched movies together. We drank alcoholic milkshakes together. We ate lots and lots of very yummy food. I meant to transcribe the recipes I wanted from Wolf, but time got away from me. We figured out how to make my computer work on their wireless network -- turn off encryption. We talked about the need to turn it back on for sensitive financial transactions, and then in a fit of irony, I spent my first hour online checking on credit card balances and scheduling payments. All SSL stuff, mind you.

I got to treat Roo to her first ordered-for-her restaurant meal. At California Pizza Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants.

Still exploring some of the stuff that Sydb and I did together, which I wanna do again!! (Think Baby Dinosaur)

Since I got back to town, I've been catching up on a week of papers, keeping current with the new ones, keeping current with email and LJ, having given up trying to read some of what I missed during the busiest bits. I've been working. I've unpacked all my suitcases (which is a land-speed record for me. ;) I'm getting ready for the sheepover tomorrow, for Flar returning home on Monday, for the boys returning home on Tuesday, and for Belmikey coming for a visit starting Wednesday, including a Weird Al concert and day at the park, next Sunday.

In other news, Turnip has rejoined the ranks of the employed, Cinder tied the knot with SurlyOne, and Ro is starting to melt away. Ro has inspired me, and I'm now determined to keep track of my inputs and get more exercise. I took 6352 steps yesterday, go me!

And, I'm remembering why i love to read Pixel's writing. Cow peelings. heh.

Oh, and Knight says I should mention in my journal that I got hit by a car. Okay, technically, my car got hit by a car. I was in the street, the idiot was pulling out of a no-parking space, and hit my car on the side. The impact tore my car, in the passenger front and back doors, and the rear panel. The kind of small tears that happen with "space-age polymers" that is. The damage is functionally minor, but will involve a relatively largish piece of body work. I don't have an estimate yet. The idiot tore the bumper off his car, so he's in a lot worse shape. I'm off to the insurance office this morning, armed with the police report, to find out what to do from here. Update: They called me, while I was still writing this. They've got a copy of the report, faxed by the idiot, and I should get a call from a claims adjuster later today.

Oh, one last thing. My mom and dad went to St. Thomas for their vacation, and Mom decided to look for a black opal bracelet for me. She told me all about all the jewelry that she bought for herself, including a bracelet. And that she bought me a t-shirt. I asked her if it said: "My mom went jewelry shopping in St. Thomas and all I got was this t-shirt."

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