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At least I can post test results.

I got this one from sydb42:

It's been one of those days. I left the house late, due to thinking that it would take less time to copy a CD than it didn't (I have to try again later, as it turns out). That seemed to be the theme for the day. I bowled under average, and didn't help out my team: we lost each game -- but by more than the amount I was underaverage, so I don't feel entirely responsible.

I left the house under the impression that the allergist would be my only errand. Then remembered that I had a prescription to pick up and a package to mail. I added in a trip to the hardware store for a project, then got a whim to look for measuring cups at the dollar store that was on the route.

No measuring cups, and the whim has become a quest. The puppies have chewed up pieces all of three of my measuring cup sets.

The hardware store was a simple stop, but I missed the freeway exit -- while chatting, I forgot where I was going -- and had to double back for it.

No measuring cups at the pharmacy either, but my search was rather thorough, as my mom called me. What is it about the ability of moms to talk about pretty much nothing, for hours on end?

My arm hurts where I got my allergy shot. It doesn't usually happen, so add that to this list of minor annoyances.

The post office was busy, and the self-service scale said my package was 1 pound 3 ounces, so I'm going back later this afternoon when I expect a shorter line for counter service.

I got home feel vaguely aggravated and mostly tired. I ought to eat, but nothing sounds appealing.

Why isn't "Itch" in the list of emotions?

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