Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

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Today's list:
  • Dishes
  • Bath
  • Bills
  • Together-time with my spice

My drying cloth was getting wet, so I quit the dishes before I was completely done. If Sydb had been up for working on cleaning in Roo's room, I'd have started in on bills. But she was sleepy, so we lay down for a nap. No, really we even slept. Until Wolf got home from taking Roo over to his parents' and woke us up.

I'm so enjoying being home with my spice. Happy sigh.

I made fried egg sandwiches and cheese sticks for lunch, and Wolf is making Peanut Soup and cream cheese won tons for dinner.

Time moves funny here. But i'm having a wonderful vacation. Even if I had to bring some of my responsibilities (bills) with me.
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