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an update; a bookmark

I'm caught up on LJ.

I'm in Louisville. I'm tired and sore and Very Happy to be home with my spice. I have bite marks on my back, on my chest, on that fleshy bit that even the skinny chicks have, between chest and arm...

I'm about to start dishes -- I called dibs on that part of the cleaning-for-party.

Regrettably brief highlights of Friday:

Tigger woke the household up. We got out of the house 6.5 minutes early, and arrived at the airport 13 minutes early. There were very few cars on the road on Independence Day at 6:20am. Go figure.

No difficulties at the airport. The SW employee offered me a pass through the gate with the boys before I asked for it. The TSA employees weren't interested in face-time for checked-baggage screening. Nor interested in seeing proof that Christopher was only 13 (ie, young enough not to need ID). And, we knew ahead of time not to bring an omelette pan.

I was tired when I got to Wolf's & Sydb's. I got a nice welcome hug from each, as well as from Holmes, who was taking Sydb yard-saling. Wolf had promised to task me with working on bills. Which he did, after Taking His Please of Me first. :) :)

We actually got my laptop working on their wireless network, by turning off encryption. Don't know if it's my card/driver or their router. I worked until the battery warning, and then napped.

We had staggered lunches - mine was leftovers from Wolf's pizza.

When Roo went down for her afternoon nap, Sydb suggested we take another nap together. Sydb and I had an extended not-nap, after Wolf got up to take care of awake Roo.

So, um, wow.

Sex with my wife. Concept. Nice concept.

A little over a month ago, Flar commented that I was frisky, lately. It's apparently catching.

So, I'm here, and we're good together, in pairs, and all three and well, just happy.

So, enjoying the vacation, and regrettably, rushing through the bits were I sit down to type.

Today's list:
  • Dishes
  • Bath
  • Bills
  • Together-time with my spice

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