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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I keep forgetting to post about this.

I've decided to have another sheepover.

If you haven't heard me explain the term before:

A sheepover is what I call my sleepover where I invite only woman friends. The "sheep" bit comes from the concept of lesbian sheep, who stand around and bah at each. But, my sheepover is not for only gay or bi friends. It's for all my woman friends, and it's an opportunity for a full night filled with woman energy. Lots of giggling and chocolate and traditional sleepover activities like polishing nails and just hanging out.

It will be on Saturday 19 July starting at 5pm, and lasting overnight, as long as people wanna stay the next day. Flar will still be in Brazil; the boys will still be in Texas. I'll have the week before to recover from being out of town a week, and to get the house ready for company.

This invitation is directed to all my woman friends who read this journal, and anyone you know is a woman friend of mine, who doesn't read my journal. Please pass this invitaton along.

I DO want RSVPs, so I'll know how many to expect. And so I can figure out how much of the food I'm supplying, and how much I can get others to bring. Cheese and chocolate fondue, with appropriate dipping objects, like fruit and angelfood cake and bread are definites. Also, silly magazine quizzes, nail polish, hair accessories, any girlie stuff we can think up.

Last time I was trying to keep this party small, but it never even tried to fit the just 6 of us mold, so this time, I just wanna know who's coming, before they show up.

I'm planning to have a FUN party that night (beginning at 7pm), because Grace and I have been talking about having one for ages, and I thought it would be neat to do with everyone here. There is absolutely NO expectation on my part that just coming to the sheepover implies wanting to buy stuff. This is no shallow disguise for reeling in friends to a sales party. But FUN parties tend to be a really good time, and I decided to add it in to the activities for the evening.

I'm also posting this invitation on KYPolyList and inviting a few friends who aren't on KYPoly, and don't read my journal.

Please reply here or send me email to let me know if you're coming to the party, and if you're bringing anybody with you.


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so I'm combining several comments in one!
So glad you have a new sweetie! {huggles} That was happy news :)
I'm guessing that FUN means something other than 'enjoyable' - care to clue me in? Wish I could make it there - think of me during the eating chocolate bit - not so much during painting toenails (although I'm considering getting nails installed for the wedding) There was *so* a reason for me stating I'd never do a ceremony aain - arrgh - STRESS!

Yep, FUN parties are home sales of erotic stuff, like lotions, oils, vibrators, etc.

I thought about linking FUN, but I wasn't sure I found the right company when I surfed, and I didn't get the hostess kit last night like I wanted. She's going to mail it to me.

I hope everything goes okay at the wedding. It's still so hard to believe.

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