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Weekend update

The one for the masses, that is. :)

So, yeah, um, tried to be a little ambiguous, leading up to the weekend, cause we'd been flirting in email before the visit. But we talked, and agreed we're both allowed to name each other....

I've got a girlfriend, I've got a girlfriend!

Okay, got that out of my system.


So, lessee, my weekend. canuckgirl came to see me. memememememe.

Friday night I left work in time to get to the airport, park, find the women's restroom, and be ready to meet her with a big hug when she stepped off the escalator from the gate area. We had to wait for her luggage, and then had a bit of a dog rescue delay on the way home, and then we sat up for a bit, talking with Flar, before all going to bed.

Saturday I lolled in bed a bit, talked with Wolf, and when he found out that Canuckgirl was awake (via Flar letting me know, on his way out for errands), told me to get on with my visit. So I went upstairs and talked a bit with her, then came down and showered and started working on breakfast for us. Cheese eggs and toast. Ooh, aren't I the fancy breakfast chef? ;)

We had a bit of time to just sit and chat before it would be time to go to the Poly munch, and I felt all awkward, wanting to be doing more than idle chat, but not being good at starting stuff...

After the munch, we had a pit-stop at the house for a bit of work on her abused sore back. I have this nifty amethyst massage ball with a copper handle. Then we went to Charlie's Angel's together and

held hands.


Meanwhile, Flar had been helpful enough to get rid of the kids for the night -- he arranged a sleepover with Bébé. And he made a yummy dinner for us when we got home from the movie: Sweet and Sour pork. Then he helpfully disappeared, to talk to Gaucha on his regular Saturday night phone call.

We sat in the jacuzzi. I finally got up the nerve to start talking, and well, things progressed from there.

She likes me!

Sunday we skipped breakfast entirely in favor of early lunch: burgers and beans and mac'n'cheese. That is, prepared after cleaning up this huge mess that the Jenn-Air made by falling apart.

It's so cool to cook when there's someone to hold you. :)

More alone time after lunch, and then fun putting together Apple Pie and Coq au Vin. Ro and Knight came over for dinner, bringing the mashed potatoes. Dinner was yummy and followed by snuggling on the couch to watch Show Girls. Then more alone time before bed.

Monday morning, the kids practically ran Canuckgirl out of town on a rail -- they liked her, but we were going to see Finding Nemo after dropping her off, so they were in a hurry to get to the airport. We got to the theatre before it opened, then waited 30 minutes in an empty theatre for the trailers to start. Hey, I brought a book.

But we had time in the morning for more cuddling time before she had to pack and stuff.

It was an awesome weekend.

*doing a little happy dance*

After the movie, I actually got to work early last night. And double-keyed over 2800 documents in a queue that has lots of hard-to-find numbers, requiring much mousing. So I'm sure that various phone calls and messages during work didn't impact my work. Got to listen to Details talk about her vacation last week. Speculated about the purpose of today's mandatory staff meeting. I plan to wear bowling clothes -- after all, I'm coming in on my day off. hmph.

This morning I got caught up on LJ and email (including comix but not lists), and had momentary withdrawal symptoms while they were doing maintenance on Cartman.

Today's list:
  • Laundry
  • Call eye doctor
  • Call appliance repair
  • Work on bills
  • Clean Sinks in Master Bath
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Short list at Kroger
  • Allergist
  • Mandatory Staff meeting at work
  • Bowling
  • Bubble bath and phone call with Wolf

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