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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Bills, ick poo
Left 'em too long again. Just now getting online for the day -- it was the only way to force me to:
  • clean off the kitchen table
  • sort the mail
  • open all the bills
  • call one squeaky wheel

Best laid plans. I didn't get them DONE. But, I got stuff sorted out. And decided that was enough for today. I've got deposits for the bank, Flar's invoices and bills to mail, and more work for tomorrow morning.

The AC guy came and fixed the kitchen-zone system. It was "freezing up" so air couldn't get through. He added freon and that was supposed to fix it. Got me.

Yesterday, Knight took me to see How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I thought it was a great romantic comedy. It was filled with so many relationship don'ts, and the cools thing was seeing her react (out of view of him) to what she was doing. And, I really liked the revelation scene and how it was handled. "He lied, she lied" movies are a genre of their own, and this was much better done than most I've seen.

After picking up Tigger and taking him home, I pretty much dashed off to work. Indexed over a 1000 documents with acct# and name last night. I'll be pleased when we get this client back to "new stuff" that only needs account number. Found out that the 3rd will be a dress-down day. Joked about having a pj party at work some night, but it won't be *that* dress-down. Our mythical second shift supervisor has never materialized. Looks like we won't be getting one, at this point.

Yesterday, I promised the boys that I'd catch up on hand-wash dishes, if they cleared both sinks for me. So I stayed up after work and got them all washed up. The countertops are all clean now, and the kitchen table is clean, with bills-in-progress on it.

If LJ is quick reading, I'll have time to fold some laundry before I step into the shower. And then I'll be mostly caught up... except of course, the bills are Still In Progress. Sigh.

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What kind of dress code do you have at work??

"no jeans, no sneakers"

I tend to wear my dressier category of shirt, over knit pants, with slip-on canvas shoes (that I've declared to be "not sneakers").

I'll wear a t-shirt for dress-down day, and *maybe* jeans, but knit pants are more comfortable for sitting all evening.

Bummer, you think for your shift they wouldn't be so picky! :)

At my old work, if I ever came in to work off-hours, I wore whatever I liked. :)

It's not so bad. And, I arrive before first shift people leave, so it's not like I'm invisible to first shift.

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