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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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DNS is back
Flar came home. I told him the DNS are down at Iglou, and he said he'd just do non-net work.

So, minutes after he arrived, it's up again. And, if I hadn't been so many entries behind on reading my friends view (I caught up, on skip=75), I wouldn't even have been online when the outage occurred.

But it means I did a hurried skim, replacing "www.livejournal.com" with "" to make various links work, and didn't participate in polls or follow non-LJ links.

But, I'm back online and now must do non-net work, myself. Kitchen needs cleaning. Just got a priority interrupt request on that one. ;)

I think there's something screwed on the LJ Slut test, and the Deathday poll seems mordid. Especially since the few incidences of it that I read seemed bang-on for form of death. Can you actually die of Caffeine Overdose?

So, no quizzes from me this morning.

Just an update, to follow.

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