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About the weekend

I never did finish up that list. I got the floor done in the bathroom, quit for the night, then never got back to the list on Sunday. So, new list today.

Yesterday, Flar handled making pancakes for the sleepers-over. Then Tigger announced that I had agreed to make cake. I finished Lamb before I got out of bed, then made Angel Food cake, with frosting, per Tigger's specifications. He really wanted yellow cake but that would have involved more work, since I didn't have a box of yellow cake on hand.

We were about 10 minutes late to Gattitown for Scooter's birthday, due to waiting on the last sleepover dad to arrive. Food at Gattitown was yummy, as usual, and conversation was good. We don't get together with Brody's family very often. Scooter is now five. Wow. The girls are 10 and 8, and my but K is looking all grown up.

After food at Gattitown, we all came out to the house. Flar picked up some meat for Churrasco on the way home, and I asked him to pick out the "fruitiest" Baccardi mixer. So we mixed up half-strength rumrunners and sat around and sipped and talked while the kids played. Then we all got to watch Scooter bat at the Bob the Builder "piñata" (since when did they start making the things out of cardboard, with a trapdoor in the bottom?), and then pull the ribbons to open it. C helped get the candy to come out, and all the kids scrambled for their share. There was plenty for all.

Bébé stayed for dinner after Brody, C and their kids left. Flar took Critter over to a sleepover. Hmm. I need to feed the dogs myself this morning. Oops. We turned on Spongebob for Tigger, Bébé slept, and I read HP, while Flar cooked the meat.

When Bébé left, Tigger and I chose a PPV showing of Spirited Away. It was wonderful. Funny, I spent much of it wishing for someone sitting next to me to explain what was happening, but by the end of the movie, I felt that I understood it. I want to own this movie and watch it over and over again.

After the movie, I had time for a short phone call with Wolf, a tiny bit of email and LJ, and then bed.

I'm up to page 200 in Order of the Phoenix.

My new list:
  • Finish the master bathroom
    I just need to clean around the sinks. I probably won't organize around mine, this week.
  • Fold the rest of the laundry and put it away
    I've gotten it down to two over-filled baskets to sort and fold
  • Sort mail and post bills
  • Take Tigger his lunch - which I packed, but we all forgot to include in what he was taking today.
  • Pick up Critter from his sleepover
  • Sam's Run
  • Cingular - replace my broken headset
  • Radio Shack - replace the battery for my carkeys & maybe buy rubber cement
  • Pack a change of clothes for Louisville
  • work
  • Drive to Louisville after work

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