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A Saturday List and a quiz

Happy Summer!!!!!!!!

Tigger's sleepover is a small one. But they seem to be enjoying themselves, eating pizza.

My list for today:
  • Change the sheets on our bed
  • Clean the master bathroom
    I've cleaned the shower, rested, cleaned the toilet and bidet and part of the floor, and I'm resting again.
  • Fold the rest of the laundry and put it away
    I've gotten it down to two over-filled baskets to sort and fold
  • Sort mail and post bills

All while supervising a small sleepover and taking occasional rest to check email and LJ.

And, ooh ooh! Knight's getting the tickets for us to go to Weird Al in July, yay! And, the Bash is on Saturday, so Flar is going, too! And, Wolf and Sydb decided they could scrape up the price, so they're going too! Whee!

It'll be an interesting adventure to the park... Methinks we need to find and tune-up the family band radios...


Which woman of Shakespeare are you?
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