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Going into high gear

My list, so far:
  • Chatted with Sydb and Belmikey and talked to Wolf on his way to and from home for lunch
  • Made lasagne for dinner and to share at work: one 9x13 and one 8x8.
  • Determined that Werthers is, indeed, missing.
    I sent the boys looking outside the property. No luck. Next time is making a poster and getting it copied. And sending the boys out with posters. I also sent email to Nurse and Spydie, trying to track down when the last time was she was seen.
  • Made traveling cookies for home and work and for Details to take on vacation
    Okay, technically, they're in the oven and I'm hopping in the shower after I take them out to cool and put the lasagne in to bake.
  • Chatted with Belmikey and added Mha to my AIM buddy list. Chatted with Sydb while she vacuumed.
  • Do an allergist/Sam's run
    Blowing off Sam's until tomorrow. Blew off shot till Monday.
  • Vanquish the laundry
    Folded two basketsful or almost one laptop-battery's worth, depending on your units of measure. Never got back to it. May have time after shower.
  • Consider cleaning the master bedroom; avoid retreating into Scrabble in reaction
    Didn't retreat into shower; I'm hoping to work on this tomorrow.
  • Work
  • Talk to Curls after work
    Curls made plans. Got bummed. Got over it. Will cope.

Decided i didn't wanna press for time; didn't do ANY errand runs.

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