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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Amazon has shipped my copy of Order of the Phoenix and expects it to arrive by the 25th. Which is Wednesday.

It turns out I can do lots while I'm chatting. So there.

My list, so far:
  • Chatted with Sydb and Belmikey and talked to Wolf on his way to and from home for lunch
  • Made lasagne for dinner and to share at work: one 9x13 and one 8x8.
  • Must go search for missing Werthers
  • Make traveling cookies for home and work and for Details to take on vacation
  • Do an allergist/ Sam's run
    Blowing off Sam's until tomorrow.
  • Vanquish the laundry
    Folded two basketsful or almost one laptop-battery's worth, depending on your units of measure.
  • Consider cleaning the master bedroom; avoid retreating into Scrabble in reaction
  • Work
  • Talk to Curls after work
    Curls made plans. Got bummed. Got over it. Will cope.

Decided to change errands-out to a there-and-back again to the allergist (and maybe a stop at Radio Shack: my car remote needs a new battery, and Christopher needs model glue - do they sell that at RS?)

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Mmmm... travelling cookies!

I think they might sell model glue at Radio Shack. :)

Hope you find the missing Werthers!

Let me know if you find Werthers - she's a sweetie! I seem to have been adopted by the house cat here (you met Qwerty - he's a doll-baby/shit-head) We get along well, but I keep forgetting he has *claws*

thinkig good cat-finding thoughts for you

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