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Looks like my last update was about bowling on Tuesday. mm. Been busy. Explains the lowered incidence of me commenting on others' journals, as well.

Wednesday, that'd be two days ago. I didn't have work, so it was going to be my grand day of catching up. I took the boys to see the Rug Rats movie. Did a small spot of catching up.

I had a really great three-way with Wolf and Sydb. Chat, that is. hee hee. Really good discussion stuff and lots of warm fuzzy feelings. Even if the parts where Sydb finally understood me totally frustrated Wolf with his not understanding-at-all-ness. But, I think he understood enough to share the final warm fuzzy feelings.

So, spent Wednesday largely online, but not *here*. Well, I mean, I posted lots of non-update-y sorts of posts here. I chatted with Hippychicx and Belmikey and Canuckgirl. I posted to a couple of mailing lists. I hung out.

Yesterday, Spydie came over. I'd not gotten the jacuzzi cleared off, so no grand cutting of patterns and material for me. I thought Spydie could work on her project while I folded laundry, but she seemed to prefer just talking, and wrote that she enjoyed it, so I'll be happy about it.

I got a lot of the mounds of laundry conquered.

There is no longer a basket of not-clean on the floor of my laundry room. It didn't exactly confuse my system, because it was the basket I use for work towels, so it's the one basket that does indeed indicate dirty. The system is: clothes on the floor or in the laundry chute or in the sorting baskets are dirty; clothes in laundry baskets are clean.

There are still a set of over-filled baskets in front of the dryer waiting to be sorted and folded. There is a smallish pile of whites on the jacuzzi waiting to be folded. I sorted through it this morning, looking for my slippers. I have a full basket of folded towels and clothes, to put away. I have a large pile of Matt's clothes to fold, and a smallish pile of mine. I have baskets of clothes for the boys to fold.

So, laundry better.

Work was slow last night, with the winning name (combined from two different entries) of:

Cutrophia Arnsparger

I shall consider this name for bequeathing on my nerdiest knife. I may not have a knife unworthy enough for it.

Details is going on vacation next week. Not sure how I will decide how late to stay at work each night. Starting tonight, when she's considering leaving at 10:30pm.

Oh look! a list!

  • Make lasagne for dinner and make a smallish dish to share at work.
  • Make traveling cookies for home and work and for Details to take on vacation
  • Do an allergist/ Sam's run
  • Vanquish the laundry
  • Consider cleaning the master bathroom; avoid retreating into Scrabble in reaction
  • Work
  • Talk to Curls after work

Maybe I'll even complete all of it. :)

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