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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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roina_arwen posted about bowling.

She didn't mention the pin difference in the first game, or that it came almost entirely from the 123 pins over average bowled by our opponents.

I was pleased with scores for the evening, however: on an average of 135, I bowled 133, 176 & 165.

I talked to Grace last night. She's chipped a bone and sprained some whatever-one-sprains high in her ankle. Her father-in-law has come to town to be her chauffeur (he's retired, so has the flexibility of schedule), and she expects to be completely back on her feet in time for the winter season.

And, cool news! caritas_skunk has agreed to replace Grace on our team. She's going to come watch us this coming week, then start bowling after that. Yay!

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Do you think you could get together once a week (mornings), practice and I could join you? I can't bowl with the team because of a previous commitment Tue nights, but I would love the chance to bowl regularly and gab.

That sounds good. I would benefit from the practice. I don't know when would work out to be a good day of the week thought. I would probably work best with thinking about this a week at a time, lokoing at other commitments for the week.

Still planning to come over tomorrow?

I am still shooting for 10:30 tomorrow morning, though this week has been strangely down for me. I am not sure whats going on, but I keep plugging away in spite of how I feel.

Yeah, I will be there, but I am not sure what kind of company I will be.

I plan to bring my sewing machine and my current project (a cape of Riverhold family colors) which needs to be pinned, put together, turned and finished.

We'll just see how we do, then. I've been on cloud nine and in the toilet in one day this week, so I've no way of predicting the me-of-tomorrow.

I'll see you at 10:30.

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