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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Tuesday morning update
Dinner at the Brazilian Steakhouse was quite yummy.

Knight and Ro went with us, and we stayed for 2.5 hours of yummy protein goodness. I reaffirmed that I like their yummy fresh mozzarella. Other stuff that I ate off the buffet included boiled eggs, cheese, mashed potatoes, and pasta. I took salad, but didn't eat it.

The garlic-coated top sirloin was good, but my favorite remains the tenderloin. We got to try ribs this time, and I approved muchly of the sauce. I really only got a taste, as by then I was full-to-popping and had finished my dessert.

We teased Critter, because he couldn't eat his last two chicken hearts. I declared that he wasn't allowed the last bit of his second strawberry milkshake, in that case, and proceeded to finish it for him. Yummy.

Ro's chocolate mousse was, indeed, disappointing, and I didn't really care for the chocolate cake that Knight ordered. I begin to understand why Gaucha doesn't care for chocolate: Brazilians don't know what to do with it. ;) My deep-fried, creamy, sweet goodness was as good as I'd remembered it from previous experience.

I had drink with dinner. It was a mix of rum and juices, which were not fully combined before presentation, so the drink had a kind of tiedyed appearance to it. I stirred it before drinking it,though.

After dinner we went to Knight and Ro's for a movie: Nobody's Perfekt, with Gabe Kaplan. It was one of the quirky movies I wanted to watch for my birthday, but isn't available on VHS, much less DVD. Knight trapped it on his PVR, from a showing on Starz. Yay!

Flar and Critter took Tigger home before they came over (I rode with Ro and Knight so Critter could sit in the front seat of our car), and brought over laptops. The idea was that I would finish up Tigger's sleepover invitation while we were watching. But I forgot to ask them to bring the TLS phonebook, which had the list of children he wanted to invite, along with a rough design on the invitation. Oops.

Yesterday, I got up early to be at Knight's by 8am. We watched the final episodes of Buffy, and the season finale of Angel. And I finally made the invitation.

At home, I had trouble printing it. I think I've narrowed it to my decision to use different colors for outline and fill on the text in the invitation. Canvas kept choking (for memory) on preparing the document to print. When I followed Critter's suggestion to create a BMP and print that, it worked fine.

Also yesterday, I finally got around to writing that Thoughtful Post. At first it was viewable only by Wolf. Now it's merely Friends-only.

I made a chocolate cake for Nurse, whose birthday was yesterday, and then headed off to work.

I talked to Opman about my vacation time, and got that cleared. Yay! I'm officially living at my home in Louisville for a week and a long weekend. :)

Work was easy last night: recent records with valid account numbers, so I didn't have to type in names. And all the documents had printed cover sheets, so no squinting at handwriting or pale imprints. I indexed (starting from 126) 1481 documents and double-keyed them, then spent the rest of the night on an icky queue, searching for names. I got 110 records indexed in that.

I don't work tonight: bowling. I don't work Wednesday either, though. Wednesday, they are upgrading the computers, so there will only be work for prep people (who may also not be working, depending on how disruptive the "upgrading the computers" proves to be). So, a weekend to start my week.

Grace called yesterday. She broke her foot. Ouch! She won't be able to bowl with us the rest of the summer. I'll be talking about that tonight with Ro and Knight, but we *may* be interested in a sub...

  • write out rules as I know them, for Wolf to corrent, refine, etc. and give back to me in an official form
  • start my Training Journal
  • make out comprehensive lists for Sam's and Kroger
  • shopping
  • allergist
  • fold laundry
  • bowling

That may prove to be an ambitious list. I'll no doubt be grateful for the bonus day in my week at home tomorrow.

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Grace called yesterday. She broke her foot. Ouch! She won't be able to bowl with us the rest of the summer. I'll be talking about that tonight with Ro and Knight, but we *may* be interested in a sub...

Well I used to be a trophy winning junior bowler....

Would you be interested in bowling with us? I could pick you up and deliver you. If you're interested, I'll see what Knight and Ro think, but I expect they'd be pleased.

There are fees, and I don't know how they'd fit in Random budgetting. There's a $15 sanction fee, and then $11 a week fees. Today is the fifth week out of twelve. Grace was paid up to last week, plus the last two weeks, so we have this week and next week covered with her average, to find another bowler.
That would be awesome! Then we'd get a regular time to see you, which would be cool. :)

I'll talk to them. I'm making a little money with coupons but I don't think enough to cover that. What day do you bowl?

Tuesday nights. Tonight is 5th week, next week is 6th. Lisa's paid through next week, so this would be a six week commitment of $11/wk plus $15 sanction, for a total of $81 over the six week time period.

In my flusher days, I'd offer to cover for you. Those days will come again.

Talked to RANDOM (okay asked Demariana could I borrow the money) she said YES. It shouldn't be a problem for me paying it back since I'm back on active duty at Officeteam. A little work might help and I've told them only short assignments (2 weeks or less). That and the higher dose meds I should be fairly stable :) Go me.

Woo hoo! We get Caritas-time! I'm looking forward to seeing you next week. :)

* write out rules as I know them, for Wolf to corrent, refine, etc. and give back to me in an official form ^^^^^^^^

you know, I couldn't tell if that was an intentional typo or not ;>

huggles, sweetie!

Oh, that's a hoot! And ironic, according to the definition made up by Biff, Christ's childhood pal.

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