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An update, of sorts

Friday the 13th. Some people fear it. Mine was mixed.

I deposited my paycheck, finally.

I got some bills in the mail. A good thing.

I got to the allergist. An especially good thing, considering a picnic in the park on Saturday. I also remember to take an Alavert Saturday morning.

Very quick phone with Wolf, interrupted. A little, hmm, not quite enough oomph, but I didn't dwell on it.

Work was, not bad I suppose.

First shift had had a potluck. We declared Friday rules and cleared out the fridge because it was all full and stuff, and raided for any yummy potluck leftovers. There was still canteloupe from me bringing it in last Friday; there were pigs in blankets; there were devilled eggs. We threw out a two-day old, poorly wrapped lasagne, a whole bunch of half-drunk beverages, and some other questionably old stuff.

I was in a "name only" queue all night, but the names were on the whole not horribly difficult to find.

Details and I usually leave last. I got to work 15 minutes early (and Ny let me take over the workstation early), so it wasn't hard to talk me into leaving at 11 instead of 11:30. I'd never gotten a chance to totally change out my music, which was starting to get stale. And well, the work was just kind of dragging.

Drive-home phone call with Wolf started off just kinda okay, and well, unfortunately went downhill from there. With me being whiney, and Wolf being well, Wolf, and eh. Now, most of this belong in the Thoughty Post I haven't written yet. But, suffice it to say that I was angry, hurt and generally not sleepy by the time my bedtime came around. I wrote. Wrote to Wolf, wrote to a sumissives list to let off steam, even wrote out sentences on paper. That last act was particularly catty.

I went to bed angry and crying. I woke up dry-eyed but cranky.

We got to the picnic ontime and I got the boys to help me move tables and such, and then MJ got there, and then Wolf and Sydb.

Wolf is this amazingly wonderful man. Have I ever mentioned that?

He by rights should have been pissed at me. Really. I was spoiled brat incarnate the night before, and sulky brat at the picnic. And he was just loving and concerned and there. So very much there.

Anyway, by the time Wolf and Sydb left the picnic, I was all repaired and stuff.

I got to walk in the woods with Hippychicx. I brought warm weather and cool weather protection against ticks, but had given no thought to mosquitoes. Oh my. I think the Alavert kind of helped, because the bright red dots didn't really itch all that much. And, we mostly slapped away our own and each other's mosquitoes. :)

Talking with Hippychicx was good. Being able to *be* with her, and not feel all scummy and making waves and ripples, very good. I get to told her and hug her and be well, a person in her life. And learn more. Get to know this young woman who entranced me, find out who she is. :)

Thinking very seriously of having a sheepover. Have a date in mind. More talking behind scenes will happen before I announce. Announce here, announce on KYPolyList. Invite a couple of friends who aren't in either place. Maybe by next year, I'll have met and befriended people on the submissives list enough to be inviting them.

Picnic was fun. Good food, good company. Egg salad, YUM! And, Demariana made AWESOME brownies!

I was too introspective for much of the picnic, to get time with some of the neat folks I don't see often enough. But, I did get chill time in the latter part of the picnic.

I got to hold a stranger's baby! This woman had arrived with others, to have a picnic. Somehow, she was left carrying baby, and far too much else, and didn't say fuck it, they can come back for the non-baby bits. Instead, she stood at the side of the road, trying to get their attention, with a very loud "Can I get some help here?" So, I went over and offered to help. I volunteered to lug heavy stuff or hold baby, and she handed her baby over to me. Wow. And a very cute little baby, who didn't immediate scream about this stranger lady, so cool. :)

My little good deed for the day.

We stayed through the cleanup part of the picnic, annoying the heck out of Critter but pleasing Tigger, who was playing with another boy close to his age. Then stopped at K-Mart for Critter to buy AA batteries, and Krispy Kreme for the boys to get donuts.

At home last night, I got caught up on email, read LJ, chatted with Wolf, Sydb, Hippychicx, Canuckgirl and Pandria, and changed up my music.

Didn't get Timothy's invitation done, though.

Went to bed feeling good.

Woke up a little at 8 and went back to sleep. I then had a series of vignette dreams. I remember picking up a woman, while I was with Pandria. We'd been shopping at the really cool, Martha Stewart meets the leather dykes style adult boutique. I remember a very short driving sequence with my mom. I remember being furious with Flar for taking the Lincoln Bed out of the guest room, and dissassembling it to keep it in Cinder's room (who lived with us, in the dream -- but I was only concerned about "where would Wolf sleep, if Angela got the twin bed (that Flar had put in the room)"). I remember successfully keeping a fugitive from justice from killing a judge, by threatening to bite his balls off. It was a very upclose and personal dream. ;)

Got out of bed at 12:22, read email, LJ and chatted with Pandria and Hippychicx. Got stomped, but amazingly gently, by Pandria, in Scrabble. Got to play Retreat on fang, turning it to fanga, for a cool 79 points, which is probably why I only lost by 51 points.

And finally got around to writing an update.

There, that's me. In a nutshell. Hey! It's dark in here!

We're going out around 6pm to take Flar to the Brazilian Steakhouse for Father's Day. The boys are helping with the cost, and Knight and Ro are joining us. It's a surprise for Flar.

I'm supposed to be going grocery shopping in the meantime, and wanted some time with Pandria. I *think* it'll all fit in. But, it will mean getting dressed. ;)

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