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An interview

I suck at asking questions, but I love trying to answer them.

Canuckgirl interviewed me:

1. Where have you lived up till now??

I was born in Key West. By the time I'd finished 1st grade, I'd lived in Monterrey, CA, three suburbs of DC, and had moved to a suburb of Houston. My daddy was in the Navy, and after he returned from Viet Nam (during which time we lived with my mother's parents in the suburb of Houston), we moved to Iceland. After that, we moved to the SF Bay Area in CA. We lived in two houses there, and I attended High School all at one school. A major feat for a Navy brat. After that, we moved to Houston, where I went to college and met Flar. After marriage, we lived in Houston for six years before moving here, to Nicholasville, KY.

(see why I cut these things? ;)

2. Other than your family, what are you most proud of having accomplished??

I am proud of creations, both ephemeral and lasting.


I made the wedding cake for Brody's wedding, before my kitchen was remodelled, even. I made the 100th birthday cake for my Granny, who celebrated her 107th birthday this week. Both of these cakes were four or five tiers -- I'd have to go look at the pictures. I also made a wedding cake for a friend to be served at a reception at Worldcon, and this cake was covered with HO-gauge cows.


I knitted a baby blanket for Critter in the pattern of Flar's family tartan. And knitted it again, after we lost in in a road-side diner in Germany.

I quilted a baby blanket for Tigger out of the receiving blankets we used for Critter. I'm told quilting flannel is difficult.

I embroidered a fairly impressive-looking dragon on the back of a robe for Flar. I need to find a way to preserve this, now that the robe itself is falling apart..

I stitched an intricate border for, and then sewed a cloak for Wolf. I've designed a coordinating pattern for myself, but the design keeps expanding, and I haven't begun the work yet, as I keep gathering more materials for the project.

3. Does spirituality or religion play a big part in your life?? Any part at all??

Yes. I'm a Christian. Of the born-again, baptized kind. My beliefs have been stretched by experience to include that which I was never taught in my youth. My basic belief and God and Christ remain, and I often pray and most often (besides prayers for others) pray that peace that passeth understanding, which I consider to be one of the coolest promises in the bible. That after-life thingie being, well, something I've got to wait quite a while on, and the peace thingie being awfully useful in everyday life. ;)

4. When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do to pamper yourself??

I like to read. I like to write. I like to do crafts, of many varieties. I like to bake and cook, and I like to eat. I generally squeeze most of these things into everyday. When I think about "pamper" time, my mind runs to bubblebaths, chocolate and wine or liqueuer, and a good book.

5. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?? What do you think could be improved?? (not physically)

Hee hee. This would *so* not yield itself to multiple choice -- I'm your "Other in Comments" poster girl.

I generally love what I see in the mirror. I like my face. When I'm looking full length, I always inhale, and feel all pleased about my full breasts.

I've got a very womanly shape. As opposed to girlish, or boyish, for that matter.

I don't like my tummy. But it's not noticeable to me in the mirror -- I notice it when I'm trying to shave my bikini area, and I need three hands: one to hold up my tummy, one to create the right kind of tension with the skin being shaved, and one to hold the blade. I do best if I shave in the bath when it's almost drained. And let gravity help instead of hinder.

My hips and buttocks are more generous than I desire, when thinking about clothing and airline seating and such like.

But I look cool naked, and I've always loved looking at myself in the mirror. The picture book definition of vain would be my face, surrounded by a gilded mirror frame. :)

Update: Harumph. Went to proof this, then edit it, and noticed the "not physically".

I don't ordinarily associate the "look in the mirror" metaphor with introspection. 's my excuse for flubbing this question.

Taking a very hard, very rational look, yes, I like what I see.

But I ordinarly use a very emotional lens, and so my reaction to me varies wildly. Just this week, I've been very down on myself, and relying heavily on outside approval to prop up my self-image.

I am a very emotional person.

I like what this means, when it's the positive stuff. Like being a loving person, giving, helpful, at that stuff.

I don't like what this means, when it's the negative stuff. Like anxiety and fear and anger and frustration and jealousy and greed.

One of the components of my decision not to pursue a sexual relationship with Hippychicx (right now) was this inability to accept and then defend, the who-I-am, because of the negative parts of me, and how I see these negatives affect those I choose to keep close to me in life.

I'm actually considering the possibility of another new relationship. About which I'm quite nervous, but excited. And I guess I'm quite optimistically hoping that I won't totally fuck up this new person's life. I don't have to defend myself to another mother, so maybe that's why I'm so brave.

Yeah, I guess I still like what I see.

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