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The Bad Girls are clocking out for dinner break, now. And clocking back in. And then going to the break room.


I got my card key for the building. No more stress about "what if I get to work late, and the building's already locked up?" No more stress about "what if I remember something I want to get, out in my car?" go me.

The Bad Girls don't have card keys yet. And smoke. It's a no-smoking building. They usually just prop open the door to our secured building, during their smoking breaks. When they get locked out, they throw rocks at the window closest to Ops.

I worked on a "good queue" last night. New data, good acct numbers, all printed, in the exact same location on the same page of each document. Except for three documents, but I could find the number for those.

I indexed 1529 documents, and double-keyed all but 95 of them. It was very tempting to stay late and finish. I was impressed with myself the other night, for indexing double-keying 575 records. Oh, the difference the data does make.

Someone I talked to recently had gotten the impression this was temp work. They hire temp workers. But I don't see myself as temp. I only have about 24 hours a week in which to work, given what hours I keep and that I don't work on Tuesdays. So it *is* part-time. But, I expect to continue working indefinitely.

Flar says there is a goal of having a fully-staffed second shift, including feeding the dragons. (The scanners put out a nifty green glow, so they call them dragons, and *all* the stations on the network are named after dragons. I use Puff.) I should be able to keep this job as long as I want it. Especially with Flar helping them to better determine staffing requirements for prep-work, and writing marketing strategies and such. Flar can be quite the rain-maker.

gotta do housework today. i've been sleeping in too late, and it's showing.


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