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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Hasty update
Last night at work was interesting. More on that in the Thoughtful Post I still haven't written.

But, I also learned more about the Scantrax program. Useful stuff to make my life easier. And, today, I decided to spread the gossip (about two girls who don't clock out for their dinner break, and take LONG dinner breaks) to Matt. With pleadings that the gossip not return to bite me.

This morning was date morning with Ted. Watched some Angel, some Buffy. Have a total of four left to finish both series/seasons.

I finished repairing my necklace. This might require Yet Another Thoughtful Post. I'm wearing it, now.

I'm mulling over thoughts of another sheepover. Still only at mulling stages.

I'm leaving the house now, to make our first payment on the new loan. On time.