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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Wanna go
I've no idea how far it is to Sandusky OH. I've heard about Cedar Point, like, forever. It's already made it's name in the legion of thrill parks, but now it's got

The Dragster.

420 feet high, reaching 120 mph within 4 seconds. It has speed, it has a drop, I wanna ride it.

No idea when that will happen.

But it will.

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*raises hand*

I'll go! :)

And Sandusky, Ohio is 5.5 hours away, according to mapquest. :)

Cool. Thinking an 11 hour cartrip might be too ambitious to shoehorn into your visit in three weeks. But maybe we can a separate vacation, specifically for going to Cedar Point?

I remember when I was staying with cousins in W. Salem OH when I was 14 and we all drove out to Cedar Point and the Sea World and it was AWESOME, even if the lines were long, I didn't care. It's a nice memory anyway of cousins I'll never see again.

That ride sounds wonderful!

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