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Morning after a full weekend

Okay, so the highlights, before I try to write the thoughtful stuff.

Friday, I felt rushed, but I got the errands done with (barely) enough time to shower and wash three sinksful of dishes. Didn't have time to shave my legs. More on that in a Thoughtful Post, on Guidance, rebellion and acceptance.

Work was fun. Braids brought chicken salad to share, and I brought canteloupe. Either all the canteloupe at Sam's were perfect, or Critter has a knack. I carefully smelled it, so I *might* remember what a perfectly ripe one smells like, when next I have to select one. I brought candy to fill the group jar, and the biggest, cheapest bag at Sam's was the "children's playtime" selection. I spent the first hour of work sucking on a Tootsie Pop (off and on: I'd lay it on the wrapper occasionally).

It turns out that Braids used to be in the army; Details has a handgun, but is planning to purchase another before taking the gun safety course associated with getting a Concealed Carry Permit; and Zee has a handgun. I find myself suprised to be the wimp of the group, having merely only fired others' handguns and other weapons.

I bought some nail polish, because I haven't painted my nails in so long that I don't trust any of the bottles not to be gloppy. I was apparently possessed by a 9 year old when I was making the selection. A glitter polish that looked pink as cotton candy, under the flourescent lights at work. Under incandescent light, it was more palatable, but I'll be painting my nails again before next weekend. And testing old bottles for gloppiness.

I drove to Louisville after work, and Wolf was kind enough to talk to me through most of the drive. That, and the steady rain, kept me from any work about getting sleepy on the drive. I got there safely, hauled in all my myriad bags, and forgot to email Flar that I'd arrived safely, until I was undressing and checking my pockets. My phone reminded me that I had email to send.

Friday night began a weekend of Guidance. See later Thoughtful Post.

Had some trouble settling my brain to sleep. Could be convinced that I was up all night, with whisperings in my ear.

Saturday morning, I fixed breakfast for all of us, and then after Roo was fed, Sydb left to spend the morning with Beclectic. Wolf and I played with Roo until her naptime, and then had some quality alone time.

Beclectic stayed around for lunch when she brought Sydb home. That was nice; I hadn't gotten to talk to her for a while.

After lunch, it was really time to start getting ready to leave for graduation. This is when we made the Big Discovery that, in all likelihood, I was wearing Wolf's mother's dress. I'd bought it at a thrift shop in Louisville; a charity to which she donates; she used to have a dress exactly like it. Wolf doesn't know if she still has it, so we don't have a definite confirmation, but that still felt weird.

Getting out of the house with two women and a baby is not a quick process. I know Wolf could be anywhere in 5 minutes, maybe 10 from a naked start. When we finally got piled into the car, Sydb remembered Roo's dinner, since we were planning to go over to Hippchicx' house after the ceremonies. We decided it would be better to make the trip back home in between, than to be late to the graduation, and were on our way.

High School Graduations tend to have a sameness about them. This was a tad strange, looking in the assembly of Seniors, picking out our husband's new girlfriend.... Sydb spotted her first. We were sitting in the upper seats of an arena-style gymnasium, and it was horribly hot. Add a babe-in-arms to the mixture, and you get the idea. Knowing that we had to drive home anyway, we made the decision to leave after we saw Hippychicx walk. I only occurs to me now, that we could have also watched Belle's daughter walk.

We took enough time at home for Roo to nurse, for Sydb to change clothes, and for all of us to have a snack of PB&J. I had some fun with sandwich art. Perhaps Sydb will post the pictures we took of round two.

Then we headed to Hippychicx' house. Where all the nervousness descended. Yes, there are times when not only do I not know what to say, I don't even know how to start talking. I gave Hippychicx the gift I'd been clutching all day like some talisman. She showed us all her art. Then J asked me to go for a walk with her.

This requires a Thoughtful Post all to itself.

But, since that takes time, and I'm not sure how long all of the writing will take, there is a summary.

Hippychicx and I will be special friends, of a confused relationship label. Linked at the first by our different relationships with Wolf, time will be taken to let genuine friendship grow and evolve, rather than the mad fast pace that had peeked out at us before. Not sexual. Not right now. There's a full future of possibilities.

And, oh yeah, I didn't do this in some grown-up, calm, peaceful way. I cried. On J, on Hippychicx, and mostly on Wolf and Sydb. Cried for the what might have been, that I've given up for the what may be.

We got home late and tired on Saturday night, and Sydb was my angel who stayed up with me until I was ready to give up and sleep.

Sunday, we had a nice lazy day, staying at home. We'd never refreshed breakfast supplies the day before, so I went and shopped, then fixed a yummy breakfast for all of us. Sybd and Wolf taught me how to turn burger crumbles into sausage crumbles: Fennel. We played with Roo. We talked. We played with food. We watched A Fish Called Wanda together (that is, together until Roo, then Sydb laid down to nap). We had family time.

And then I drove home to my other family. I picked up donuts in Louisville and picked up Critter from his sleepover, on my way home. I cut the chicken for Flar to cook up into a yummy teriyaki, served over rice, with carrots on the side. We watched Maid in Manhattan, which was a really nice romantic comedy. I caught up on live journal (before Sybd made several long posts), and went to bed early.

So, Thoughtful Posts to follow, about Guidance, rebellion and acceptance, and about Transformation and decisions.

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