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This is part rant, part rationalized self-justification.

Tuesday I was livid. I went to Sam's to pick up another flat of water, and they've stopped carrying the product I've been buying for over a year now. And don't have anything comparable, for my purposes.

I've been buying spring water in 25 ounce bottles with sports tops. I've gotten used to the flavor, but can still drink tap water, so that's not insurmountable. But I've also gotten used to the size of the bottle, and the convenience of the sports top. Sam's is now only carrying spring water in .5 liter bottles, which are about 19 ounces. Not nearly as much water per bottle as I prefer, and the bottles are not as squeezable, and they have screw tops. The sort of water I compromise with, when travelling.

So I kind of briefly mentioned this, a sort of mini-rant to demariana, and she asked me why not just fill some sports bottles and stick 'em in the fridge?

The short answer is, cause I'm too lazy, and I'll end up not drinking enough water, but this is

Okay, maybe I didn't explain it well enough. Maybe you're not this way, so you just don't understand. I like to think not everyone in the world is as lazy as I am, after all. :) How do you drink? Do you only drink soda, or do you have a goal of drinking so much water a day? How do you attain that goal?

I have a goal of *not* attempting to get enough liquid refreshment by going through tons of soda a day. (Which is not to imply that this is how you, or others attain your goals, just how I used to myself.) When I was in nutri-system I was given a rule of thumb of needing an ounce of water for every pound I weigh, a day. Given that I'm still hovering around 200, that's 200 ounces == 1.5 gallons a day, or 25 glasses of water a day. More than the standard 8 glasses a day that you hear about, but then, I do take decongestants daily, which increase my need for water, not lessen it.

So, say my goal is to start at the 8 glasses a day == 64 ounces, and work my way up to whatever seems right for me. (Which I can detect easily by the condition of my skin, the inside of my nose, and amount of swelling I might or might now have in my fingers, oh, and whether I feel cold. Feeling cold usually means I'm over-hydrated.)

I can easily drink two 25 ounce sports bottles during bowling, if I've brought them, and if I've brought more, drink that by the end of whatever after bowling errands I need to run. Hey, there's 75 ounces, and ordinary-person level of water goal met. And shown by my experience to be Just Right an amount of water for me -- for just up until 2pm. Obviously that 200 ounces a day isn't ridiculous. For me.

But note that "if I've brought them" remark. If I haven't brought water, I'm not likely to get nearly the equivalent via soda or water if I have to buy it at the bowling alley. And then I'll be working a deficit for the day.

All of that being a much more thorough explanation of why I want 25 ounce bottles of water from which to drink. And oh, through lots and lots of trial and error, I've come down on that size and configuration as ideal for ease of drinking, for me. Much easier to squeeze and drink than to suck through a straw -- especially with some of the sports drink cups I've had.

So why don't I just gather up 8 bottles a day (hoo, maybe 16 so I have a days' worth clean while dirtying a new days' worth), fill 'em up, refrigerate, use, clean and repeat?

Cause I'm lazy. That process seems huge to me. After all, the need for the bottles is linked to my laziness in the first place. The simpler process of merely drawing a glass of water from the tap, and drinking a glass at a time? Well, I tend to not drink as much water if I'm doing it that way, and start to get headachy and dry skin-y and all those insufficient hydration symptoms.

So I want a cheap-enough source of already filled and ready to drink 25 ounce sports bottles.

I used to have that via Sam's. And dammitall, now I notice the difference in flavor between filled out of the tap and freshly-opened spring water in the bottle, too. But that's just a side issue.

So I'm working on it. And meanwhile, drinking a glass at a time when I remember it, and heck, drinking more soda again, too.

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