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Morning musing

To work:

My goal this morning is to be confident enough about our current bank balance, and upcoming bills, to know how much spending money I can take out.

Errands out will include Sam's, allergist & Toys R Us. Which means waking one of the still-sleeping boys. Okay, so Flar woke Critter long enough to put out the trash that was forgotten last night, and I made him stay awake long enough to feed the dogs, but he's back in bed, now.

During work last night, I made a list of stuff I want to remember today. It would be helpful if I could find the list now.

Going to Louisville from work tonight. Need to pack. Need to remember nice clothes to watch Hippychicx graduate; after all, she's being nice enough to wear a dress for us -- the least I can do is reciprocate. ;) I found Roo's hat, and it's in my parrot bag, so as not to be forgotten.

Bringing my laptop means not needing to be obsessive about checking mail at the last minute before work; want extra time in the shower the evening. I *might* even shave my legs. It's been at least a couple of weeks, maybe a month. I really irritate darker-haired shaving women. But Gaucha doesn't even grow leg hair, so I think she wins on that one. ;)

There's all sort of stuff undone around the house, crying out to me right now. Gonna put that off until I'm home from errands and see what kind of time I have left.

Work last night was nice. I indexed over 1000 records, in a queue that requires three different fields be indexed, only two of which are on the breaksheets. I noted strange names, but it's a sticky on the back of the sticky that has the list I made for today. It helped that I was working in the same queue with Details, and she set the zoom so that it worked for probably 80% of the documents. I didn't have to do nearly as much mousing last night.

I had a rather terrific phone call with Wolf yesterday afternoon. Seems he's had an epiphany, and has decided to make more conscious use of the G in LyWyNyGyPyKyaaf. Kind of swept me off my getting ready for work, afternoon feet. And kept me in a happy space the rest of the evening. Whee!

I ended up in bed a tad after my bedtime, but due to emails that *really* needed to be sent out last night. And still woke up at 6:20. I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep, but it was rather easy to wake for my summer morning alarm of 8am.

Now to work.

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