Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Emotional Today

I should be able to write these things as forecasts.

I just got back from the grocery. It was really hard getting over being unreasonably furious with the woman who sacked my groceries. It was all a matter of attitude, and I know I'd be less mad about it, if I'd stuffed it up and not said anything.

What I *didn't* say was:
what crawled up your butt and why are you taking it out on my nine year old son?

What I did say, while Tigger was running to replace the 12 pack that broke open because he started loading the conveyor belt in a hurry, because of the way in which the bagger demanded our cart, was:
You know, you might have a nicer day, if you try smiling.

I should have left it at that, but the expression she made at me, combined with her reply was like some sort of trigger. So I pointed out that she had flustered my child, and I'm really not sure what else I said, but I was polite as I could remain. And bubbling inside. She *did* apologize, but it didn't really help.

feh. gone now. But I'm probably going to avoid her checkout lane in the future when I have a chance. I don't really need mean people in my life right now.

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