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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Emotional Today
I should be able to write these things as forecasts.

I just got back from the grocery. It was really hard getting over being unreasonably furious with the woman who sacked my groceries. It was all a matter of attitude, and I know I'd be less mad about it, if I'd stuffed it up and not said anything.

What I *didn't* say was:
what crawled up your butt and why are you taking it out on my nine year old son?

What I did say, while Tigger was running to replace the 12 pack that broke open because he started loading the conveyor belt in a hurry, because of the way in which the bagger demanded our cart, was:
You know, you might have a nicer day, if you try smiling.

I should have left it at that, but the expression she made at me, combined with her reply was like some sort of trigger. So I pointed out that she had flustered my child, and I'm really not sure what else I said, but I was polite as I could remain. And bubbling inside. She *did* apologize, but it didn't really help.

feh. gone now. But I'm probably going to avoid her checkout lane in the future when I have a chance. I don't really need mean people in my life right now.

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I hate it when people take their bad day out on someone else and I fight like crazy not to do it myself. Sometimes, however, I can't help but let it leak out. When I do get uptight, the way you handled it, with a gentle reminder, will usually put me back on track.

Re: Customer Service

Unfortunately, she had the look about her that said "this is my normal mood."

I'm going to avoid her in the future.

Ugh. Those soda boxes can break on *anyone*, not just for kids who are being rushed by nasty baggers. I'm glad that the conversation ended with her apologizing.

Yeah, but I'm afraid it would have done more for *me* if she had any inkling of sincerity in the apology.

Plus, there's that whole problem of being upset on behalf of Tigger, not myself, so I don't really get any resolution, no matter to whom the apology is directed.

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