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Lazy Sunday morning

8am-ish Woke up, then heard my phone beep. Text message. Flar and I were still in bed -- sleepy enough to turn back over and sleep, but I'm a curious cat. Not sure if I would have dragged out of bed to call without disturbing Flar is I'd know it was a chitchat call, but didn't wanna hang up when I knew.

Sleepy me didn't drag her phone back to bedside table when she went back to bed. Don't know if it was intentional, but I ended up missing a 10am-ish call, and I regret that, as there was no message. *pout*

Slept in very late. Tigger made cheese-eggs-in-bed for Flar and for me.

I had every intention of getting up and cleaning the other bathroom.

Sat down to skim email. Read an old set of comics while booting up, read daily comics online, read some list mail, ate some sweet cereal. Exchanged mail with Curls, and when I figured out she was online at the same time as me, and that I really wasn't feeling like working, I got on AIM. Ro was online, too, so we started a game of Scrabble.

For a woman who was too busy to play Scrabble, Curls sure had enough spare cycles to distract me during the game. She apparently *did* the housework which was why she declined the game. Me, I indulged in online socializing, which I miss, now that I'm working night.

Now to dress and go see The Italian Job, to which Knight is being nice enough to treat me and the boys. Flar declined.

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