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A day of adventure with girls

I'm bi. But you wouldn't know it, to look at my sex life.

Well, except last week, I seduced (was seduced by?) a young woman barely adult -- and that's still on hold (not the adult thing, the seduction thing ;), pending whether her mother will accept any kind of relationship here. She still lives at home, I'm friends with her mom, and I'm just not thinking I can handle being part of a coming of age rebellion, you know? That sounds all callous and unfeeling, but I really want Hippychicx, it's just I'm trying not to let myself hurt, if it can't be...

And then there was today. Starmaiden and I went to a presentation together tonight. Yes, Wolf, I'm off to email next, to report on the evening. I rarely get out and socialize with the local BDSM community. When I'm in Lexington, I'm not with Master. When I'm with Master, it feels like taking away from other kinds of time, to ask about going to kinky events with him. And I'm not much for going places by myself. I may go to more Lexington events with Starmaiden. I liked being around kinky people every once in a while.

So that was cool and neat, and hey, I emailed Starmaiden to suggest we attend together, so it was me, reaching out to a woman. Go sheep me.

Today I also may have started something really cool. But at least I was brave enough to ask, and I didn't get turned away as a perv or anything. So, there's this really cute woman. I met her through Live Journal, and we seem to really like each other. On paper. Looks like we can become good friends. But, there's also this attraction thing. And I decided dammit, I wanted her to know, to find out if we wanted to find out together.

I am so not aggressive usually. It takes huge "I want you" signals for me to signal back in anyway. So this was a huge gulping leap for me.

And, hey, she likes me, and might wanna find out about liking me, and that would be cool... Or, we may just end up closer friends who were brave together.

And I'm just high on it all, and wanna run around in circles sharing the happy.

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