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Didn't pay bills. But we did something cool to take some of the stress off. We refinanced our mortgage. Extended the period to 15 years from now, lowered the interest rate a point and a half, and oh by the way, it took care of being delinquent one month and late another.

So, we're all caught up on our home. And money's starting to come in again, with a newly signed retainer that will, at a minimum cover the mortgage every month.

Bonus, we didn't have to pay a penny to do any of this, and it lowered our payment by 25%. Whee!

Work was slow last night, but the company is good. I brought in Moulin Rouge, and we sang along to some of the selections. No memorably funny names last night. And I was filling in both names *and* dates and account numbers, so I only got 700 records (files?) indexed.

Today: clean the bathrooms. Then chat with Canuckgirl. Then go out with Starmaiden.

Tomorrow: The Italian Job? If we've got movie money, that's my choice. :)

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