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PWP: Report, the first

Flar hasn't graded me yet, on last night's performance. Update: no grade, but he said I did okay. "Except for the three hours you were away from the party." (a) I wasn't gone from the party for three hours. (b) He wasn't even in the blinking house during half the time I was upstairs/downstairs, helpinig with setting up the crib.

I got back from carline/CVS/Wal-Mart/Knight's with only two guests on-site - those responsible for Potluck Setup, so cool.

I then started working on the Peanut Butter Stew. I managed to hit each deadline (on the bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for X minutes) while also directing Critter at various pre-party last-minute thought-up stuff. The Peanut Butter was, once again, so amazingly yummy. I continue to be amazed that chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach and peanut butter taste so good put together.

The Potluck seemed to work pretty well. But by the time dinner had happened, I need down-time. I helped with setting up the crib and ended up lazing with Wolf and Sydb and Roo while they started the settle Roo for bed process. Then got a little over a half-hour with Wolf in my garrett. I was *going* to return to the party for kids' curfew, but I still had a lot of work to do, as it were, putting myself together.

I asked Wolf to tell Flar I was napping. I put in my earbuds and did essentially sense-depo to four pieces of Gershwin and one Eartha Kitt. After the Earth Kitt piece stopped (the end of the player, and I didn't have it set to repeat-play), Roo woke up, pissy. I ended up swooping her out of Wolf's still-damp out-of-the-bath arms, and amazingly, settled her into the crib and back to sleep (after the normal comforty moves where panned by my worst critic).

I was still pretty shaky when I came downstairs. Lebif made me a yummy drink with banana, Mozart & milk. And we played Exactika. I suck bidding games, but I really like the pretty symbols on the cards.

After gaming, it was bedtime. Got to bed before 2 on the first night. Go me. Oh, the funny head thing was apparently high blood pressure. My diastolic was 101. Feh.

Got up this morning to Binky showering. We were in charge of preparing breakfast, Captain-less. He cut up all the fruit, and helped me with mixing, after he ran out of things to cut. I made banana, cinnamon-apple, pineapple and plain pancakes.

When all the cooking was done, I moved into the family room, read my email, caught up on LJ, and now writing this.

Conversation right now. Gaming might happen. Napping would be good.

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