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Slow start

I'd feel more guilty about it, if much of the email time hadn't been PWP-related. So, I was being all good-hostessy this morning, when I was reading/writing email rather than tackling the kitchen table. That's it. Right....

I've eaten breakfast, read the paper, done the jumble and crossword, read email and LJ and put away some of what I washed last night. Gotta dig up a pillowcase to store the blocks I washed for Roo, and then I can put away the rest. Then there's no avoiding the dreaded paperwork mountain. Sigh. Wanna be rich, with everything paid off automagically with no worries. Maybe someday.

Gonna close the computer until I've got the table into "enter it into Quicken" staging condition. That'll show me.

Critter is home today. Had diarrhea yesterday and it worried he wouldn't be able to concentrate at school today. No tests. A third of the day is art for some reason. Gave him immodium, sent him to bed. He's to rest, do math homework (pre-assigned all year, so he knows what to do), and continue research for a social studies report. Gonna check on him before I get to work. Ooh, ooh, good mom. Bad bookkeeper. ;)

Which means I have to leave the house at 2:15 today instead of 2:45 -- Tigger will be in an earlier carline. Which means stopping everything at 1pm to eat lunch, then shower (gonna gently wash my forehead, but leave the steri-strips be) and dress for work. Should have extra time after carline to pack my dinner. Gotta throw together dinner -- starting that at noon should be sufficient.

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