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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Happy Anniversary to us
It was a pretty nice anniversay celebration. Matrix: Reloaded was fun, although a few of the fights seem to last longer than was entertaining. The end of the trilogy is scheduled for release in November.

We took a break from us to go visit Ro in the hospital. She seems to have brought lots to entertain herself, but I think of hospitals as horribly lonely places, which makes visiting important. We talked about the t-shirt for the PWP, and it sounds like she has a great idea for this year's theme. I need to dig out the supplies tomorrow and get them to her house, so she'll have time to make the screen.

Then Flar and I went out to a nice fancy restaurant for dinner. I brought home half of my steak and half of my dessert. The asparagus was tiny and tender, the way I like it, and the shiraz was mellow with a teensy tang to it. A good, yummy dinner. Mom and Dad sent money for us to spend on our anniversary, so we didn't even have to worry about that end of it.

Yesterday, as I was heading out to pick the boys up from school, I hit my head on my car door. The one with the actual warning label about how it's not a good idea to hit your head exactly where I hit it. Hard enough to break the skin. I got the bleeding to stop -- that part was kind of automatic. I mean, I was automatically taking the right steps to take care of myself, but on top of it, I was out-of-control hysterical. Head wounds bleed easily, so the amount of blood was no clue to how bad it was, and I did get it to stop, but the tear in the skin is over an inch long, so I figured I wasn't supposed to just leave it be. And Flar was out at a meeting. And I hated the idea of not knowing what I should do.

True to my redheaded temper, there was actual screaming and raving -- but only because there was no one around to witness it. I ended up calling Flar, and he offered to drive home and take me to the doctor, but I decided I was probably safe to drive. Which I did -- it's only about 10 minutes' drive to the doctor. But in the car, I started realized how just out-of-control I felt, and I called Wolf, and he calmed me while I drove.

I was seen by a doctor pretty quickly. It's a smallish practice - 4 doctors and a physician's assistant. The woman at the desk just called back to the nurses' station, to see which doctor could see a patient soonest. I got the young, cute doctor. Who got my mind off my head by giving me a picture of Hugh Jackman to look at. Smart man. ;) He cleaned it up and stuck the edges together with three steri-strips. He said it was very superficial, unlikely to scar, and was overall very reassuring.

Work was great last night. We ordered pizza which two of the woman drove out to pick up, and I had all "easy" entries in the queue I was working. I finished indexing that queue, moved it all over to double-key, and started on that. It goes twice as fast because of only having to enter half the information. And, I'd gotten a better feel for how to handle many of the half-way entries (the "hard" entries) from earlier in the week. Braids commented on how fast my fingers were flying last night. Preen preen.

I actually kind of like data entry work. Not exciting, but I have the rest of my life for excitement, thank you very much.

Tomorrow I'm going to install the software for my MP3 player, and try to figure out what mix of music to put on it. I'm also going to clean up the PWP RSVP database a bit, and play Scrabble with Ro at the hospital. I also need to work on some household chores.

Now for bed, and maybe to finish Cerulean Sins.

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Sounds like you had a great time! Happy Anniversary!

And ouch! Glad your head wasn't hurt worse.

Sounds like you had a great time! Happy Anniversary!
Thanks. It was nice.

And ouch! Glad your head wasn't hurt worse.
Me, too. The doc said the steri-strips should stay on til Monday afternoon, but I'm going to wait until Tuesday morning for that, cause I don't wanna find out the cut wants to start bleeding again, right before I'm about to go to work.
It's obviously healing. It itches like hell!

{sob} My first year to miss a PWP. I really should buy a lottery ticket, just to see :)
So, what genitalia will be on the shirt this year?


If I understand Ro's design correctly, there will be bunches and bunches of genatalia, but none of them human, or even mammalian, for that matter.

Nope. Think standard biology, but a completely different kingdom.

Plantae, not Animalia.

Thanks for visiting me at the hospital, and for bringing the scrabble. It was a nice change from amusing myself. ;)

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