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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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It's still barely morning, even though I feel as it if I threw it all away, sleeping late. I didn't really intend to crash and burn all of this morning, but it did feel good to sleep in, and then Wolf called and teledrugged me into a deep deep sleep. mmmmm

I finally got up. Wandered into the kitchen, and it's a mess. There's a bowl of sweet in the middle of the table, which I munched on while reading email and LJ. The boys had a bakesale at school this morning. They left the info on the table for me, but didn't, until Wednesday, get around to telling me that they had to bring the baked good in on Thursday, not Friday. Wednesday night after work was already slated for staying up too late getting Rookettes banquet & awards done. So we agreed the boys themselves would make brownies and traveling cookies.

Now, Critter has made brownies a bunch before. So I knew he could handle it. But Tigger is still at helper stage for baking -- I don't know if he can really read a recipe, as regards abbreviations and terms and stuff, and I haven't really checked him out on proper measuring technique. Critter was supposed to supervise. We're not really sure what went wrong with the Traveling cookies. The batter is usually pretty stiff, and difficult to spread in the pan, but this seemed sticker than usual, and insufficient volume as well.

I came home from work on Wednesday night to a kitchen that looked like the picture on a Mother's Day Card. Sigh. Flar helped me clear off the table to work on Rookettes stuff. And then last night, Tigger talked him into baking the Traveling cookies, anyway. The cookies are tough bars, but still sweet and edible. I'm wondering if they left out the eggs?

I never really wrote out the details about the asshole at the gas station yesterday. I talked to Wolf about him on the phone after I talked to Flar about him. I think it hurt because I don't like my belly. I carry a bunch of my fat there, and I don't have good muscle tone in my abs, and I've got a cesarean scar, which I think contributes to the general flopover shape of it. It gets in the way when I shave. It sits in my lap. It pushes my seat belt up off my hips. I don't like my belly.

But I love to eat, and cutting calories is very hard. And I hate to exercise, and all the ab exercises are hard. So I am lazy, when it comes to why I have this belly, even though I'm not lazy. At least, not when I consider housework, momstuff, working, et al. I stay so busy, I can't call myself lazy, but it still hurt.

Today, Writer's Guild at school, where I get to read Tigger's book and schmooze with other parents, then late lunch and time to get ready for work. Not getting anything done, so I'll have to squeeze some work-time into the weekend. Which has been hard lately, but we'll see. I've been building up quite a list of "do it over the weekend" stuff, so we'll see.

And now it's time to look presentable.

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You are ALWAYS (at least) Presentable and vivacious . Usually you are BEAUTIFUL, I have occasionally seen you down right gorgeous. You've had two kids and if I had half your suave I'd be a happy lady (okay, okay, I'm happy, but I have "baby fat" too and know where you're coming from). fwiw I was an exercise instructor after I had Spawn and led exercise classes 3-5 hours a DAY and my pouch never totally went away.
I'm so sorry that uncouth slob hurt you.

Thank you.

That's so sweet. I do try not to go to school events fashing as much cleavage as I lounge about with when I'm still in lazy morning mode, though. ;)

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