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Mad rush

Bowling went great. Got everything done. There wasn't a gift exchange (my bad), but I was pleased to be able to give the gift I bought to Prez, as she's been a working-mom shoulder to cry on lately.

I'm almost done with Rookettes stuff. Still need to run awards checks, and mail in stuff to the local association secretary.

I bowled a 207 in no-tap. Yay! I always bowl better when I stay up til 3; it doesn't hurt to have the help from no-taps, either. ;)

Got upset at the gas station by a jerk, and Flar was all sympathetic and comforting. I'm not lazy, and Flar doesn't think so -- which was very affirming, actually.

But hell. I have the figure of a three month-pregnant woman. If I'd actually *been* pregnant, I would have flayed that man verbally, I swear. Old nasty asshole.

nuff said

gotta run

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