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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Mad rush
Bowling went great. Got everything done. There wasn't a gift exchange (my bad), but I was pleased to be able to give the gift I bought to Prez, as she's been a working-mom shoulder to cry on lately.

I'm almost done with Rookettes stuff. Still need to run awards checks, and mail in stuff to the local association secretary.

I bowled a 207 in no-tap. Yay! I always bowl better when I stay up til 3; it doesn't hurt to have the help from no-taps, either. ;)

Got upset at the gas station by a jerk, and Flar was all sympathetic and comforting. I'm not lazy, and Flar doesn't think so -- which was very affirming, actually.

But hell. I have the figure of a three month-pregnant woman. If I'd actually *been* pregnant, I would have flayed that man verbally, I swear. Old nasty asshole.

nuff said

gotta run

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Wolf told me what that jerk said to you. I've been the receiver of many comments like that (though, not particularly in the last couple of years, which is ironic since this is also the heaviest I've been) and never known how to respond, beyond ignoring it or possibly saying "fuck you" (which I've never actually had the courage to do). I suppose, something like "I'm sorry that you hate yourself so much that you feel like you have to insult me to make yourself feel better" would be too long. :)

I wonder if the reason why I don't get told things like that anymore is because people think it's redundant to tell an obese woman that she is fat. ;) Anyway, I'm sorry you encountered such a rude person who is obviously having such a miserable life that he has to share it.

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