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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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grocery shopping
I don't plan around sales and coupons, but I do go through my under-50¢s when they're tripling coupons. So I saved $50 out of a $200 grocery bill on coupons alone, and then another $25 Kroger Plus "savings."

The grocery shopping trip took at least 50% longer than it should have, with the combination of wanting to take advantage of the triple coupons, and they're moving everything around in the blinking store. This is the woman who has a grocery list in her PDA, with titles for each of the aisles, in order. Grr. Once they completely finish moving everything around, I'll relabel my shopping list and my coupons to match.

Now to get the stuff ready for Rookettes. I just figured out that I can pull the money from the bank in the morning, and sit out of one game of no-tap bowling to count out the envelopes. Which some time pressure off. All I need to do is go by Prez's on my way home from work and get her to counter-sign the check for the withdrawal. I can work on Rookettes and finish up after work if necessary.

Well, that and move clothes through the machines.