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Mother's Day - one last word

[Update: Silly me. I forgot to mention that in the car, we decided to go to Hunan instead of Lexington Hot Moon]

Dinner was quite yummy, with lots of leftovers, and Flar encouraged me to have a drink. I ordered a mai tai, but barely drank half of it. I really don't drink very often anymore.

After we got home, Flar okayed for me to order the reconditioned MP3 player that I found. It should probably arrive by the end of the week.

I spent the rest of the evening printing Spring Break pictures, and sending out the PWP announcement to a bunch of mailing lists and a bunch of live journal communities.

Working second shift this week. Critter's been getting up at 6 reliably, so I don't need to get up to wake the boys. So that I don't throw the day away, I'm planning on getting up at 7 when Flar does. The other changes are that bedtime reading will become after-school reading, and Flar will be in charge of fixing dinner. Much of this week's menu is made up of meals that I can fix and have ready for Flar to put in the oven. Some are meals that he'll just fix from scratch.

Tomorrow I'm working on bills during the day.
Tuesday I'm going to the grocery, Sam's club and the allergist.
Wednesday I'll tackle the laundry.

Maybe by next week I'll be up to writing lists again.

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