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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Mother's Day: an update
I got home from Louisville around 12:30pm. I brought two dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme, something I often do when coming home from Louisville.

When I got home, the jacuzzi top was cleared off (not an impressive feat -- I'd left only one basket of clothes on it: Flar's), and there was a small pile of presents. Flar took the boys shopping yesterday. They got me Opium shower gel, and a matching mirrored tray and frame, where the sides of the frame and the sides of the tray have pressed flowers and leaves in them. I think this week I shall rearrange the space by my sink, to see if I can fit the tray there, and make the space prettier.

We talked about whether to go to a Mother's Day brunch, and I decided I'd rather somewhere more casual. So, we're doing dinner out, rather than fancy brunch. Flar called Lexington Hot Moon to find out what was up there: free dessert for Mom's, and open until 10pm.

That left my afternoon free for a bubblebath and a nap, while Flar took the boys to Bébé's to plant flowers. Before they left, Critter cooked Bagel Bites for me to munch on in the bathtub. I used the shower gel for bubbles, so now the bathroom (and I) smell of Opium. I stopped using scented products when Cinder was around, because of her allergies. I miss the good-smellem, I think.

Critter also got out the CD player, and I've made it work. The corrosion around the battery connections was minor, and it works just fine. It fits in my cooler o music, and there's an outside pocket in which to put the earbuds. So I'm set for music until I can buy an MP3 player. Critter did research on what supports Mac, and right now I'm considering a reconditioned iRock 530. 128Mb builtin and SmartMedia expansion up to 128Mb, for up to 4.5 hours of music when the expansion card is in place. I found a reconditioned one at iRock for $90, so that would be doable after my first paycheck.

Now we're heading out to Lexington Hot Moon for dinner.

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>>I stopped using scented products when Cinder was around, because of her allergies. I miss the good-
>>smellem, I think.

not a fair trade ;> But I'm glad you can use smell-good stuff again


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