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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A very intense weekend
I came here very messed up. Very unbalanced. And on top of that, tired. I spent the week getting about six hours of sleep a night, and only got five hours onThursday night. So I arrived exhausted, needy and disjoint.

It took a lot a work to pull me back together. I was a slug while Roo was still awake Friday night. Mostly just watching what was happening, and clinging to Wolf like styrofoam peanuts fresh from mailorder.

We played a game while Sydb made Mother's Day cards. I won the first round, then Wolf soundly walloped me in the second.

After that, Sydb stayed up and gave us the bedroom for some before-bedtime time alone together.

Saturday, Wolf and I went to the grocery for breakfast supplies. I made french toast, and Wolf made cheese eggs. After breakfast, Sydb took Roo away for the day.

It was very intense. Oh, wait, I said that already. He took me apart -- that part was easy, I was pretty fragmented already -- and put me back together again. Stronger, better, I think. See more confidence in places.

Sex is never so simple as a mere joining of bodies for us. And "mere sex" is certainly not what I needed so desperately. But, it's always a bonus, and with Wolf, is always very very good.

Perhaps it's inevitable to come down a little after, rather than sustain some sort of after-glow happy face.

Maybe it's because Mother's Day isn't really my day, and I guess I selfishly resent that.

Gonna get my stuff together and go soon.

At home, bubble-bath and then planning for the week. Maybe I'll even get Flar and the boys to take me out for Mother's Day.

Maybe not.