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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Mother's Day
Flar has always stood by "you're not *my* mother" and mostly my mother's day treat has been to have the day by myself for a bubble-bath, while he and the boys are over at his mother's house, planting flowers.

This year, he's over at his father's house, planting flowers.

I'm in Louisville, still. Not exact time planned for coming home, but most probably after breakfast is over. It's late enough now that I should be able to avoid the thunderstorms predicted for Lexington this morning. We'll see.

I'm a mother. I don't really have a history/habit of particularly enjoying Mother's Day.

I'm a daughter. I made a pin for my mom, and got Ro to make a card to pin it on, to send to her. She called me yesterday, to tell me she got it, and to express concern for Flar, the first Mother's Day since his mother died. She told me about forgetting to send anything to her own mother, the year after her mother-in-law had passed away.

Flar doesn't come to me with his grief. He seems to divert into concern for his father, and how he is dealing with his grief. Thus the flowers. Probably grieving as much as comforting his father, really.

I don't think I'll ever really feel like this is my holiday.

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Critter and Tigger are more than old enough now to do something special for you for Mother's Day, if they haven't already. Wonder if they have anything planned for you when you get home? I hope so, because you really deserve it!

Happy Mother's Day, sweetie. :)

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