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Evening update

I haven't read LJ yet. I'm afraid I've got work to do before I can sit down and read. But I've read email, and am taking the time to write a further update on my great day.

I mentioned in the post written at work why my day was good work. It got even better. I dropped by the bowling alley after work, and T. already had the final packet ready for me. My team won the season by .5! Awesome! And, in a relief of time constraints, none of the bowlers who won prizes have selected trophies. So I didn't have to pick up a catalog, and I don't have to put together the final league financial statements until I'm on second shift, and can do it during the day. Woo hoo!

I drove by the blood center and donated. My temp and pulse were nice and low (temp was 97°F, pulse was 61), but my blood pressure was up. Not so far to be turned down, though. I told Flar about my blood pressure, and he told me to eat chocolate. Says it does something for female brain chemistry (but not male) that helps lower blood pressure. Score!

Flar made dinner tonight. The beans looked pretty, but they tasted kind of weird. I prefer green vegetables to be salty or spicy, not sweet.

Revised goals for the evening:

pack for Louisville
wash dishes
fold clothes (I got the boys to help me sort them, and asked for Critter to return his board of laundry baskets by the time I get back from Lousiville)


I'm feeling less guilty about the bills that are piled up, since I got money out of the ATM and saw our balance. We're still chugging along paying the automatics, with not much more to spare. Working on them Monday will be plenty soon enough.

I looked at MP3 players on the way home from work today. Me-thinks I need (a) money (b) more research or (c) someone to gift me with one over which I had no choice. ;)

Flar says SI cuts checks on Wednesdays. So I might get a paycheck next Wednesday. I'm rather odd, in that I'm content with the fact that I have a job and I'm doing well at it, and don't seem to be bothered with not knowing the details of how I'll be paid. Yet. I will, soon enough. Slow-paying clients have given me a different sort of attitude about money, I suppose.

But I'm also rather affected by suggestion. I've a headache, now that I know my blood pressure is up. Feh.

To work. For an admirable goal: seeing Wolf tomorrow after work. Yay!!!

Ooh, and yum: leftover meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow, and more enchiladas for dinner, on my way out of town.

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