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Written while at work

Today as predicted by its position, following yesterday, is a better day. Just call me Scarlet.

First, I got out of the house by 7:45, so I decided to risk Nicholasville Road. It turns out the drive is 10 minutes shorter that way, during rush hour. It's because of the reversible lanes. When I'm on second shift, I'll have to take Tates Creek again, since it has fixed lane directions.

So I got to work in time to put away my lunch and be unflustered, before clocking in.

Second, Opman told me that he's planning to start me on second shift on Monday. Yay! I don't have to worry about work, wrt [if Microsoft Word had any smarts, it would know to suggest "with respect to" here, and yes, I need to spellcheck stuff I wrote in grafiti] the Rookettes banquet, or Writer's Guild at school.

Third, and I think this is really the coolest, Spiky, one of the scanners, told me that my prep-work was perfect. Preen, preen.

I got to do double indexing today, which is easier than regular indexing. It's almost entirely 10-key work. But I want to figure out music before the end of the weekend, if I can.

SI is five years old today, so B brought in chocolate cake. I'm going to have to be careful about eating: it looks like it's hard to lose weight around here.

Lessee, calling. I found out that Crown is open until 6. So I can zip by there today and get a catalog, and either call in an order tomorrow at lunch, or zip by before I leave for Louisville.

I also RSVPed Tigger for a birthday party. One to which Flar will have to drive him. He'll also need to drive Tigger to gymnastics the next two Wednesdays. After school's out we'll see if there's a daytime gymnastics class that he can take.

Not much else going on...

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