Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

emotional state: subsiding

Tonight I fell apart a little bit. I'm calmer now. One of the stimuli was Too Much To Do and No Time To Do It IN. So of course, I'm calmer because I just spent an hour (hour & a half?) reading LJ.

Things I've done today:
  • Worked
  • Washed & dried the rest of the clothes -- now waiting to be sorted and folded and put away
  • Picked the boys up from school
  • Took Tigger to gymnastics
  • Bought a refill for my Ion pen
  • Found bungie watches at Office Max
  • Mailed a Mother's Day card to Mom
  • Picked up cumin and contact solution at Kroger
  • Took the boys home and had enchiladas for dinner
  • Printed out a couple of sheets for Prez to pass around at bowling tomorrow:
    1. Trophy or Cash selection sheet
    2. Fun Day attendance sheet
  • Started wigging out about time.
  • Got into a fight with Flar. Left to take stuff to Prez.
  • Cried
  • Read LJ, rebuilt walls

I have a plan.

Tonight: sleep.

  • work
  • call trophy shop on lunch, to verify hours and turnaround time for an order
  • give blood after work
  • pick up league packet at bowling alley
  • go home
  • figure out prize distribution & trophy order
  • pack for Louisville
  • wash dishes
  • clear mess off of kitchen table
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