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A week without a list

Or maybe a list with one item.


Today was my first day of office work since 11/10/1989. I remember so precisely, since I quit systems programming the day I went into labor with Critter. He was born 8 minutes after midnight.

Mostly, the day went by extremely quickly.

The work is easy, not so much boring as completely non-entertaining. By the time I'm working second shift, I plan to have music with me. A challenge, since Flar's portable CD player has a corroded battery compartment, Knight portable CD player is "somewhere in the garage" and Flar's I-Pod is loaded with lots of music that doesn't appeal to me. I'm not great on small talk with the other people, although conversation occasionally broke out.

When I came in this morning, there were two other people waiting to see Opman: J & J. A local temp agency had sent them. We had to wait for Opman, who was sitting in his car, waiting for the sudden downpour to subside. Note to self: bring poncho tomorrow, in case of rain.

Opman showed us how to fill out our timesheets, and then toured J & I around the office while J moved his car to prevent it from being towed. Opman told us what our parking options were. I moved my car at lunch, since I was parked in a customer space for the building. Working second shift, that will be suitable parking, so I've opted not to buy a month's parking pass.

After the tour around the office, and after J got back, DB showed up, late. DB for Ditsy Blonde. Omigod makes me ashamed to be female. We're really not all that spacey, honest. At first, she just talked. A lot. Then she started going on about how she didn't get any sleep last night, and she was having so much trouble staying awake. Honestly, when we came back from lunch to find out that she wasn't coming back, it was no loss. Opman said she set the record for leaving quickly. Usually people stick it out for the whole day and decide not to come back.

Once all four of us were there, Opman showed us how to do Prep. We're training for all aspects of the work: Prep, Scanning and Indexing, although we've been hired for Indexing. We've been hired for second shift, but we'll train on first shift, for at least a week.

Prep involves separating masses of papers from folders into individual groups, based on date/account/name. Date on the folder, verified on the page, look for the account, included the rest of the pages until the name (or account -- it happened twice today) changes, new breaksheet, repeat. Prep also involves removing staples, smoothing out wrinkles or staple bumps and tearing apart over-sized sheets. Also, taping undersized pieces to full-sheets. And marked duplex papers for scanning both sides.

This work is monotonous, mostly non-thinking stuff. Not so horrible, really, since I have so much busy in the rest of my life -- it's almost calming to have rote stuff to do. It's a clock job: punch in and out, take specific breaks, that sort of thing. But the advantage to that is being able to leave it all behind when I leave.

The day flew by; I got home around 5:45, and had dinner (baked chicken, noodles, biscuits, veggies) on the table by 7. Ro and Knight came over for dinner with us, since they're leaving town tomorrow morning. After dinner we visited and after they left, I started reading The Road to Oz to the boys for bedtime reading.

I've caught up on email and live journal, and now it's time to crash. Flar wants one more night of sleeping by himself, so I'm still up in the guest room. I promised myself tomorrow morning I would eat breakfast, and pack more food for lunch. I didn't get enough to eat today, and I've still got the headache that started from low blood sugar.

Tomorrow will be even busier, since I have the org meeting for Non-Burley tomorrow night. I also need to swing by Sam's Club for a few things before I go home, so I probably won't stick around for the free bowling.

Other stuff... Dress is pretty casual. The official code is "no blue jeans, no tennis shoes." I can handle that. ;)

There's a break room with a fridge, microwave and sink. There's a pepsi machine, so I'll continue bringing my own soda. But I needn't mess with an ice pack and insulated bag -- I can bring a roomier bag and bring more water. Two water bottles, a can of soda, two snacks and a larger lunch.

'sabout it.


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