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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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i are a rubber stamper
With clean-up, it took about an hour longer than I'd have liked, but I really like the results. Embossing powder is much more fun to play with than flocking.

The certificates are mostly computer printed -- but I left a corner free in which to rubber stamp a knight, surrounded by a splash of embossed gold. That came out really nicely.

And the cool part about the computer printing, is that (following Knihgt's suggestion) I scanned Coach's signature (he was Critter's teacher last year; I used a grade report) and my signature, and used them on the certificates. They really look like thery're fresh signatures, not canned.

Before I put away my stamping stuff, I made a couple of embossed gold otter stickers (out of plain white stickers that were included in the frame kit, but not needed), and rubber stamped the card for the gift certificate. An otter in a splash of gold. And raccoon prints -- my more subtle signature.

I put the picture in the frame I'd bought, and slipped it into a gift bag that Gaucha sent to me from Brazil. Tomorrow, all I have to do for Chess Club is print a new sign-out sheet, and pick up the cake on the way there.

Knight is a dear. Date night turned into craft night, and he not only stayed and kept me company, but he made suggestions, and helped with a critical eye during graphics layout. He's a sweetie.

Sydb had a Stampin' Up part tonight. Me-thinks I stamped more than she did tonight. ;)

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Embossing powder is much more fun to play with than flocking. That's really funny because A demonstrated flocking at the last Stamp Club and I thought it looked like more fun than embossing since it doesn't require the heat gun. ;)

How'd she do flocking without a heat gun? All the demonstrations I've seen, and all the directions I have, for doing flocking, involve heat and stick powder. There's actually two heat gun steps: turn the heat and stick into glue; and set the heat and stick after the flocking is applied.

Maybe I misunderstood what she was using, but she used a powder that was intended to make a stamp fuzzy. She stamped it with either embossing ink or a craft pad (I can't remember which), then sprinkled on the flocking, shook the excess out and it was finished. Made a cool fuzzy image. :)

I've been told that the flocking wouldn't stay on unless you glued it on using heat and stick. With the heat and stick, you can rub it, and it doesn't come off.

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