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Fun with tests

Okay, so first I took this test on the up and up, answering the questions.

Which Moral Minority persona are
by phatjoe

I've never heard of this guy; I suppose I could research him.

But it offers the whole test results page from which to choose, so I'm curious. After all, Pandria got this cool cat that looks a little like Marcus or Barret. So anyway, the icons are a bit small (or I'm a bit old), but I notice that the links are somewhat descriptive of the pictures. But the name of the link for the icon with a picture of a penguin is SATAN?!? Since when are penguins evil? And, it's not even one of those Emperor penguins that so annoyed Knightaudit years ago; it looks more like a rockhopper.

Hmm, could be the guy's a Micro-zealot, and therefore the symbol of Linux equates to the evil dude himself...
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