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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Announcing the PWP
PWP03, PWP Cartouche, PWP06, Samba, PWP
Okay, the invitation is ready for the public.

Turnip is kind enough to host the page for me, with supporting database for the RSVPs. He's had some problems on his machine lately, and ironing out little details had the page up and down today. But at this point, I expect it to be stable.

I'll announce it to various poly lists and poly lj communities tomorrow.

Now I'm for bed.

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You call Roy....TURNIP????? Bwahahahahahaha!

It was his idea. ;)

A couple of years ago, when he joined KYPolyList, in answer to the intro-quiz question "What is something unusual about yourself" he wrote "I am a turnip."

When I was looking around for a nickname for him, Sydb reminded me of that, and I've called him Turnip in my live journal.

I refer to everyone in my live journal by either their live journal name or some nickname of my choosing. (Or initials, when I don't yet have a nickname for them.)

I pissed off one person by the nickname I chose for her, NYCBitch. When I found out she was pissed, I actually changed what I use and apologized (in my journal), but I think she'd stopped reading at that point. Many third parties who know her agree with the original nick. ;)

I chose Binky for someone else in my life, cause he considers rabbit to be his totem animal, and well, his life really is often hell.

That's just FUNNY (and I can totally see it).

It's cute the way your raccoon got lei'd. :)

Thank you. :)

Unfortunately, deciding to do that last night meant I never got around to either (a) washing dishes or (b) doing bills.

Meh. Cute raccoon pics have priority over dishes! (After all, you've got Critter to help with dishes). Bills, on the other hand.... *shrug*

I like your priorities. ;)

I finally got the dishes done, though. And now I'm determined to get the kitchen table cleaned by the end of this weekend. Flar said I could go to Louisville next weekend, if I leave a clean kitchen and a stocked pantry.

*I* cooked the spaghetti tonight, so no need to clean splatter off the wall and countertops. There's this little thing called a lid, and this other thing called a sponge...

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