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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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go techie-me
Sometimes it's enough to figure out how to work around something, even when I don't figure why it happens.

Last night, I started having problems using Playsite. When I opened a Scrabble room, it would be short. And note, the exit button, on the toolbar, is at the bottom of the screen. Where I couldn't get to it. Mac/Explorer is not happy closing that window without using the exit button. Grr. Playsite suggested re-installing Java. I quietly thought about Playsite hiring competent programmers.

So I fiddled a bit. The "bad" size window happens to the be same size as that ubiquitous Poker Room pop-up that Playsite always generates. I played around with opening new windows. Seems, if I open a new window after the Poke Room pop-up runs, then new window is the same "bad" size. If I re-size the new window, then open a new window, it matches the new size.

So this is likely a Mac/Explorer characteristic (not sure whether to call it a bug or a feature).

Okay, the reason this is all irritating is that the game-room window doesn't have re-sizing active. No nifty re-sizing square in the bottom right corner, no nifty big/little box in the top right corner.

I figured out that if I start Playsite, close the Poker Room, open a new window, re-size it and close it, then when the game room opens, it will be the right size.

Since this wasn't necessary before yesterday evening, I'm thinking they either: (a) tweaked the Poker Room java in such a way that left something set instead of returning it to defaults or (b) tweaked the Game Room java so that it relies on defaults for window size, rather than setting the window size. Or maybe, recoded the window size bit incorrectly, and it's being ignored.

Speculations aside, I've got my work-around.

Sloppy programming is starting to annoy me, even when it's associated with free stuff. Especially when it's associated with free-stuff-paid-for-by-annoying-ads.