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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I logged 3758 steps yesterday, equivalent to 1.48 miles. Not too shabby for a mostly sit-at-the-computer day.

I worked on lots of different things. My list was set up to oblige a scattered brain this week. So, longish lists on Monday, being whittled at each day.

Banquet today at bowling. Flar said I could wear his most Hawaiian looking shirt. It's earthtones, so it'll probably look quite complimentary on me.

Starting to think about what I want to wear next Monday for my first day of work.

Nostalgic for my high school uniforms. I didn't have to think in the mornings.

Most of my time yesterday was spent on the new invitation for the PWP. I've sent the URL to my trusty poofreadings. While they're examining it, I need to get the new form working. This year, since it's such short notice, I'm not bothering to clear the Chatter memberships, so that people can talk about the party even before they RSVP.

We'll see how disorganized it will be, with such short notice.

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Clean Kitchen:
    • Got Critter to put away clean dishes and unload/reload the dishwasher
    • The counters were still clean, yay!
  • PWP:
    • Finished graphic for webpage
    • Wrote up PWP-Lite invitation
    • Uploaded new files
    • Disabled RSVP form
  • Made an appointment to take Tigger to the doctor about his ear.
  • Talked to Opman about the job
    I'm going in on Monday morning at 8:30 for training; as soon as I'm trained, I can worked second shift
  • Take Tigger to doctor
  • Picked up Ceclor at CVS
  • Quickie dinner: Homestyle Bakes
  • Chess Club:
    • Printed picture for Coach
  • Printed drawing numbers for doorprizes for Tuesday Tigers Banquet
  • Phone call with Wolf at 9:30
  • Tuesday Tigers
  • Sam's Club
  • Allergist
  • Plan menus and grocery list
  • Start Laundry:
    • Re-wash load in washer, if sour
    • Sort dirty clothes
    • Feed the machines
    • Clear & wipe down jacuzzi top
  • Grocery shopping
  • Clean Kitchen:
    • Clear & wipe down sinks
    • Wash hand-wash dishes
    • Clear & wipe down kitchen table
  • PWP:
    • Work with Wolf on setting up current RSVP form
    • Publicize invitation
  • Chess Club:
    • Write email to Coach suggesting certificate ideas for kids
    • Shop for frame for picture
    • Idea: plastic overlay over picture for kids to autograph
    • Pick up gift certificate
    • Pick up sheet cake for party
  • Update Quicken:
    • Sort mail
    • Enter checks & deposits
    • Enter receipts
    • Post bills
    • Check with Matt about bills coming due
    • Print checks
    • Print Spring Break pictures
    • Set Clocks
  • Finish Laundry:
    • Feed the machines
    • Sort clean clothes
    • Fold and put away towels
    • Fold and put away my clothes
    • Fold Flar's clothes
  • Take Tigger to Gymnastics
  • Print bowling forms
  • Rookettes
  • Some cleaning project
  • Chess club

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Nostalgic for my high school uniforms.


Oh, wait...that wasn't what you were aimin' at, was it...:-)

Hee hee hee. Knight had a similar reaction.

I don't have the uniforms anymore, and even if I did, they wouldn't fit. My hips were 29" when I was in high school, and I doubt if my waist is that small now. ;)

Send me the relavant info, please - still don't know if we can make it, but I'll try...If you have started doing such things, can you make my @circus.com the address on the chatter list? I'm STILL having problems with Eudora, so the circus accounts are most easily read...

Need to get you updates on Vegas fairly soon, but haven't been breathing, and am not perky :(

PS - Kev is moving to NY next week!

Need to get you updates on Vegas fairly soon, but haven't been breathing, and am not perky :(
Ciggys in Vegas? Dry air in the desert/planes? Sick?

I'm sorry you're not breathing.

PS - Kev is moving to NY next week!
Does this have to do with Imz's boys?

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