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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Going to bed now
Lazy day.

With a steadily decreasing crop of kids, we played Robo Rally in the morning and Life in the afternoon, with a break for Star Trek: Next Gen in the middle. We're down to T, who's spending tonight with Tigger. I spent the evening playing Scrabble with strangers, which was weird. Most of the people were nice. A couple had to leave abruptly, and one was just rude, in terms of comments.

I made a brief comment about not being able to find a home for a Bingo. Then got not one, but two sarcastically couched no sympathy replies. Now, I don't mind a little friendly ribbing, but there was no smiley, and as the person was ahead, it just came off as petty. I mentioned that there was no need for excessive sarcasm and was told I should try getting a sense of humor.

Maybe I'll stick with playing friends.

But I might be making a friend in Scrabble, if I see one of the players there again. I added her to my buddies list, so we'll see.

I have a new reader on LJ. He commented on one of my posts, which brought him to attention on my "friends of" list, so I've added him to my friends list. Welcome sensualedge! I don't recognize the moniker, and don't recall knowing someone from Rhode Island. If you'd like to tell me how you found my journal, I'd be interested.

That's about it. Tomorrow I have to tackle the kitchen. It's a disaster zone.

g'night all

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Do you mind if I add you to my journal? I found you through Sybd42.

You're quite welcome; I'll add you back, since I'm curious that way. My journal tends to be mostly housewifey things-to-list kind of stuff with occasional female bitching. No promises of deep philosophy.

That's ok. I don't know what you can call mine. lol

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