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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Friends List Info Grab
Got this from ladonne who got is from the_gwenzilliad who got it from kibbles and I'm curious enough to ask here:

If I'm on your friends list, how do you know me? Even if it's obvious, even if you know me RL, please comment with a short blurb about how you know me and how you came to inhabit my friends list. Please give a tiny little biological blurb about yourself. Tell me how old you are, where you're from, a little relevant information like that.

My friends list folks seem to have come from far and wide so I'm curious to know more :)

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Funny. I was just thinking of posting a roll call, myself :-)

Anyway, as I recall, we met on <startrek@maine> :-D...

Hrm...nice of LJ to swallow whole anything encased within angle brackets.

What I *meant* to say was, as I recall, we met on <STARTREK@MAINE>

I know you because you are my and Wolf's wife...oh wait, I bet you meant before that. ;) We met at your house at the 1997 PWP. I am on your friends list because it's a good way to keep up with our day-to-day lives. I'm 30 and from Louisville, KY. I'm a stay-at-home mom of a beautiful 9 month baby girl, I like to scrapbook and I tend to schedule too much stuff. Is that enough? :)

I met you online just before Christmas, I think. Through Wolf. And I met you in real life last weekend! :)

I'm 39, cute, Canadian, living in the US, computer programmer. I have 2 wonderful kitties. I surf, watch tv and read a whole lot.

Long long ago in a galaxy far far away you were flirting with my boyfriend, and I thought you were cute, so we started writing and I eventually met you at that huge party at your house. We saw each other a few times in real life over the year and I remember getting the coolest funky little gifts from you over the years.

I have no idea how I found out about your journal, but I did and here I am :)

35yo, computer geek in San Jose, married to tigerknight and about to MOVE TO AUSTIN TX!!!!!! Yeeeeeeee haaaawwww!!!

I'm fairly sure you and I have never met but we've been on various mailing lists and stuff together starting in the early '90's.

Anyway. I'm 39, and I originally come from Pittsfield, MA, but I live in Los Angeles now. I have two sibs, both on LJ (elliriel and ithy). My parents were both teachers; my dad's retired and my mother's in her last year before retirement.

I'm an unemployed network security engineer. I love to write, read, hang out on the net, and have lots of sex. I have two children, both girls and both in their teens, and a stepson-to-be who's a toddler. I've been divorced once, am in the process of divorce #2, and madly in love with my SO, who's the husband of the bitch MY second husband ran off with. We intend to get married and have at least one child, if my health permits (I have CFIDS).

Also, I'm bi, and also madly in love with the_gwenzilliad. :)

Does anybody really know someone else? I'm trying to remember if I met you at Sys's place for a tree trimming, or if we were introduced at the ever-incredible PWP and you were so friendly and poised and classy that it just blew me away, especially since I'm so god-awful shy, except when I'm not. There you were, making a bunch of people feel at home, but not so much so that they completely trashed your house (I still want to learn THAT secret). I have had the privilege to meet you in person and thinks you are the oyster's iceskates. (this is a good thing).

Bio blurb: I'm 42, a rover who's currently in Indiana tied thoroughly by the heartstrings to Thomp. )

We've exchanged e-mail many a time over the last several years... but I didn't know you had an LJ until I grabbed you from my brother MHAIthaca's friends list.

I was reading a posting from one of the poly list members and your name was there...I honnestly dont even remember who it was....That s how disorganized I am!

That post could have been mine. I sent a quickie "i'm alive" post to the list, and included my live journal id as part of it.

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