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Afternoon check-in

Thanks, lothie for the heads-up about Blank Verse week. I think I'll pass. ;)

I dropped off yummy leftovers for Knight & Ro on my way to pick up Chamber of Secrets at Toys R Us. I was surprised by the tax, until I realized they didn't tax the deposit. Got my allergy shot today so I don't have to stop tomorrow on the way to Indiana, and got to carline before it shut down.

My boots came today. Very plain heels. Not sure if they will fit B&ecute;bé's definition of dress-boot -- he thinks I should have some, and gave me these for Christmas. But, I'm going to go try them on and see how they fit. The heel is a very low one, as the boot was based on a last made from boots that were flats. As long as the legs fit, they'll probably be very comfortable boots.

Ack! I just realized that gymnastics is at 5 on Mondays. Gotta scoot.

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